Are You A Mac Or A PC?

One time in life this question would have meant something to a lot of people. Apple Macs and PC’s once were not on the same playing field. And today I feel they really still are not but we will get there in a minute.

Today with the modern software we all love and use, and with great programmers bringing their products to both platforms we can now grab a computer and feel comfortable.

Working at a school I have found a few ways that one can not replace the other. In our Auto CAD lab we still need Windows to run their applications. We do however use IMac’s and dual boot them with Boot Camp. And I use a Mac for video editing because I prefer using Final Cut but there are great video applications for Windows.

What I’m really referring to is the core applications. Word, Power Point, Excel, Editors, Photo Editing Software. These core programs are now what is called cross platform. So don’t be afraid to pick up a computer and use it. You will be find using either a Mac or a PC.

One last thought is this; I really hate still today hearing. I can’t buy a Mac I would never figure out how to use it? Let me be the first to introduce you to the ICON. They are really the same on the Mac as they as on the PC. And I am not telling you one is better then the other. But I can say that your Mac will never need Antivirus and we never worry about Spyware or Malware? At the end of the day a computer is a computer. As long as you have any computer and you are learning how to use it then kudos!


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  1. MacDaddy says:

    I own both. For the work side the PC is my choice. For the fun/creative side Mac hands down. My Mac has a SSD and smokes my PC in performance and speed. If I were given a choice, I choose Mac over PC as I run Parallels which allow me to partition part of my hard drive to run Windows 7. The apps on the Mac seem to be much more user friendly and efficient. Oh yeah….viruses what are those? 🙂 I chuckle at all my friends and family when they come crying….that happened just last week. You get what you pay for….

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