Laravel and Linux

I have been spending some time working with Laravel on a Linux Machine. If you have never heard of Laravel it is a frame work that allows you to develop database driven web application. It really shines in that it allows for a more rapid production of your applications.

Once you install all of the needed Linux applications such as, “Apache2, MariaDB or MySQL, Json and PHP” you then install Laravel into it’s own web directory.

I am still in the early phases of learning this new way to write my web applications. But from the videos I have watched I know it will speed up development. I will give you more on this subject and maybe even show some test applications as I get them built. But for know I would suggest that you have a look. My last thought is that it is Open Source and FREE to use!

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Compare before you buy Audio Books

I have been receiving emails for a few weeks now with this great offer for low-cost audiobooks. I am sure I have been receiving these ads because I have been looking into finding some audiobooks to listen to during the day when I am working in the office. I received an ad for this great new low-cost audiobook service called “Chirp”. Once you sign up you will get many ads in your email with book deals of the day. I can say that most of them look really good from .99 up to $2.99. But when I went to look for authors I read I was LET DOWN! I see now how they offer low prices on books you never heard of it is because the books you want they double the price then try to make you believe it is 10% cheaper than other sites. BEWARE!

Here is one example and I have found more. This is an author I have been reading for years JA Jance. I searched and was happy to find her audiobook on their site. But then I jumped to Amazon to compare the prices and well you can see the results below. Shop around before you buy.


Now have a look at Amazon’s price for the same audiobook.


I still might use them to listen to authors I have never heard of? But when you want to read something or hear it from a known author shop around.

January 11 2019 Work Day One

This is the first picture of my work desk with the iPad connected to a monitor. I talked about the device I am using to connect to the monitor in a earlier post.

So what was my first impression of connecting to a larger screen? I truly found myself looking at the iPad screen more than the monitor. At times I found that even typing on the external keyboard the iPad was keeping up but the external monitor was not.

For all of the server admins out there reading this post I found an App that is worth checking out. AD Assist. It connects quickly to your Active Directory Server and allows you to create and modify accounts. I use it as I am moving around to reset passwords.

I do still have more testing to do with the iPad and using it as my go to device for one week. But I am posting this using it and so far I find it quick to open Word Press and quick to access my pictures and create a post.

I will be looking for a powered USB hub so I can try to import video from my GoPro and other action cameras. I want a light weight video editor for the road. More on that experiment later.

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A Week With The iPad

I know I have not written for awhile. I have been very busy working for a new school district. We are in the early stages of rebuilding the entire network from the ground up. I am in charge of all the iPads for this new district. I do use what is called a MDM or Mobile Device Manager to manage all of the iPads in the 7 buildings. Of course when you are rebuilding there are draw backs. We set up a new MDM Server and now we have to touch every iPad in the district to connect all of them to the new server.

Since I am also now a Technology Coach I will be working to only use this iPad set up for at least a week. I want this to be my main device for my day to day tasks. This also means I will be looking for apps to help me solve some of my issues that I have to deal with.

It’s time to move on and begin setting this iPad up to be able to handle my daily tasks. I will be posting a list of apps that I will be using. If you work in the tech field you know this might be a challenge! But if I want to help support teachers who are using iPads in the class room then I must be able to use this device for most of my work also.

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Using The iPad Day to Day

I was asked why I didn’t do my experiment for one week with the iPad? The truth is I didn’t get the video connector until this Friday. So why did I need the video connector? I wanted to increase my viewing size as you can see and put the iPad screen on a larger monitor. I am also using the on-screen keyboard to type this post because I can not use Grammarly with the external keyboard.

I am much more nervous using the iPad for a week then I was using the Chromebook. I think for things like email and web surfing I will be fine. I even found a tool that will allow me to work with Active Directory. It could be a great test to see if it could be done? But am I brave or crazy enough to give it a try?

To connect the iPad to the monitor I am using a lighting to VGA or HDMI unit we found on Amazon. At first, it was a little slow to connect but is now working fine. You do have to plug it into USB power, I plugged it into a USB port on my laptop or you can use a power block from any of your devices.

You can see from the picture that you can connect your iPad or phone to the device and send it to many places.

I am now wondering if I could edit video on the iPad? I know we have iMovie but how would I get my GoPro video to the device? Well, time will tell. And I hope I can use this iPad this week to give you more of my thoughts? And since I just completed this post using nothing but the on-screen keyboard I think I can do just find touch typing!

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Two Step Authentication 

Keeping your personal data safe from others is always a up hill battle. Seems like everyone and every company is getting hacked these days. Most people don’t even think of securing their own data. How many times I walk into a office to work on a machine and find the password written on a post-it-note and see it sticking to the monitor. Or when I see people sitting in a coffee shop at the mall checking their banking accounts using public WiFi or their cell data just kills me.

I know using Two-Factor Authentication is a pain in the butt but it will be even more of a pain to try to recover money stolen from your bank account. Even more it will be bad for you to apply for that shinny new car you want to have the dealer tell you that you have no credit available. 

In today’s world and with all the having going on it is better to play it safe. I would suggest that you turn on Two-Factor Authentication on all of you personal accounts. I have found I can even use Google Two-Step on many sites. You should even protect your cloud based file storage. 

So check your banking accounts and your credit account today and see if they have a Two-Step you can turn on. At most when you log in you might get a text message with a one time access code that changes each time you check your accounts. You work way to hard for your money. Now you need to work a little more to keep it safe.

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IPad Posting

I am sending this from a normal size IPad. I am again using a blue tooth keyboard. I know one thing for sure it is easy to read the screen with the larger screen.

I just ordered a 10.1″ NextBook. It almost looks like a Surface. It has a full version of Windows 10.1 Pro and comes with a FREE 1 year subscription of Office 2013. I will be posting from it this week I hope. I will also be adding some pictures that everyone has been asking for.

I you have any questions please drop me a comment and I will respond here.

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Audio Books

I don’t know if you currently read books? But I have been reading a lot lately part of my up coming New Years Resolution is to read more novels this year. I am normally lucky to read eight books a year and this coming year I am shooting for fifteen.

With that said; I have been playing around a little with audio books. Once called books on tape these have not become books on MP3’s. I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on this media.

Let’s begin with the price. If you sign up for the major audio book dealer on the Internet, you know their name they advertise everywhere. You will be shelling out about fifteen dollars a month for one book. I have searched and search the Internet and the price is pretty much set in stone. I guess they have a lot of people to pay out of that money. The author, the talent who reads and then of course the company selling the audio book.

You can burrow audio books from your local library, all you need is a library card. You can also burrow them from friends.

My issue with my love and hate relationship with audio books. First they are extremely slow. Most books seem like a minute or more per sentence. Sometimes the reader will be mono tone, but other times you will get an upbeat reader who uses voices for each character in the book. I do enjoy the convince of being able to listen to my books while driving, cooking dinner and even mowing the grass. If you have never tried an audio book then I urge you to grab something and tune in.

Audio Books