Official Unboxing Yongnuo YN 622N Flash Triggers

Well I ordered and received my new flash triggers. Anyone that have watched any of my You Tube videos already knows that I have had wireless triggers for sometime now. I just never could afford triggers such as these.

What makes these triggers different from the others it that they offer what is known as ITTL or Through The Lens Metering. The way this works is that the camera takes a millisecond burst to see how much light is needed. The camera then tell the flash how much output power to use for the shot. This saves time by not having to meter every shot when you move people or your speed lights.

These triggers also offer what is known as High Speed Sync. I have wanted this for years. Normal flash triggers only allow you to sync to your shutter at 1/200 sec shutter speed. If you go any higher you will see a black line on your pictures. This is the shutter closing and not having enough light to capture the picture. With High Speed Sync the flash will pulse light even at high shutter speeds.

And yes the triggers can be used as manual flash triggers as well as working with a sync cable for your studio strobes.

All of this for only $85.00 US plus shipping. Watch the video to see these in a short demo I did last night. If you order these triggers please use my Amazon link on this page before you place you order. Thanks and Enjoy!

Your Being Watched

Since I write about technology and a lot of times how it changes our lives I thought I would talk to you about what you most likely already knew.

In this world and at this time we are always being watched. Do I mean big brother with a satellite beaming down and watching us in our homes? No, what we are talking about is everywhere you go and almost every store you walk into you are on cameras. People watching our every move. Sort of, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Once my brother in-law was traveling on the turnpike and as he approached the toll booth he discovered with great horror that he had no cash for the toll. Not knowing what to do and since this is 2014 and the turnpikes still did not have a swipe and go with our credit cards, he drove through and keep going. Three to Four days later he received a ticket in the mail with a picture of his license plate. The camera caught him.

As you walk down the streets of most major cities in the USA you will find cameras hanging everywhere. This makes me feel safer because I know that the police can’t be everywhere. But for the bad guys this is like putting the law on every corner.

My thought of you really being watched all of the time. I used to work in retail theft prevention. We had cameras covering almost every corner of the store and they were all displayed on about forty monitors in the security office. We watched one at a time. So you have a 39/1 percent chance that I would miss what you might be doing.

The next time you walk around you city look above your head and see what you might see looking back at you. And when you walk into stores look around for dooms hanging from the ceilings.


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Photoshop Elements

A lot of people don’t realize that when you use Photoshop Elements you also have a powerful organizer.

I have been using Elements since version 1. I have always been impressed about how easy it is to organize all of my photos. It is also really nice in that it allows you to build albums so you can keep your photos together. I also like that it imports based on events. A event is really the date that the pictures were taken.

Once you get all of your albums built and you have all of your photos imported; you can also builds tags. Tags allow you to really drill down to each person or even each place. They when you click on the tag no matter where the photo is it will be reviled.

I also like the faces feature. This allows the software to recognize faces if you marked them before as you are importing your pictures to the organizer. This is nice because if you are looking for all pictures of Aunt Sally you can click on her name and all of her pictures will be displayed.

How can you go wrong. If you do not have Photoshop Elements I would suggest to download the trail version and have a look. If you need more help after downloading it. Please pick up one of my DVD’s from:


Flash Triggers

Most people you will see with a speed light or off camera flash always seem to have their flash hanging off the camera. They connect the flash directly to the hot show of the camera. I also did this for years, I didn’t know of any better way.

Now I know from years of studying flash and the way that light falls off of our subject we need to get the flash off the camera and place it on angles. This will allow us to create different lighting effects.

There are a few ways we can get the flash off the camera. We are going to only concentrate on one for this column.

We are talking about flash triggers. Flash triggers come in many shapes and sizes and yes prices. So where do you start in your quest to find the perfect trigger? I am glad you asked.

If you go the cheapest rate, which I did this once. You will find triggers that work, sometimes. This means I was experiencing a lot of misfires. If you ever want to make a client upset, get them in the perfect pose and have your flash not fire. Also makes you look really like an amateur. This is not to say you have to buy the most expensive, pocket wizards. You need to find the middle of the road.

My triggers I go to most of the time is Impact triggers I bought from BH Photo Video, they are the only company that carries them. I have also heard really good things about Yongnuo. My next set of triggers I am ordering soon is the new Yongnuo YN-622N. These triggers allow is to shoot off camera and high speed sync, more on that later.

If you are going to buy any new triggers please don’t forget to use my Amazon link before you order: My Amazon Link.


Google Glass

When I was recently away at the technology conference I attended I had a chance to try on a pair of Google Glass.

When you first pick up Glass you will notice that they are a little heavier then they look. I always noticed that they seemed to get a little warm over the right ear, this is due to the battery being located there. The person who was at the table showing them off said this is normal.

Once I had the Google Glass on and started to see the little screen over my right eye I found it to be really difficult to see the screen. You really can’t just look up and see it. You have to allow you eye to wonder up and then you will see what is on the screen. Another issue I have with glass is that it would be nice if you could oder it with the screen over your strong eye. I am left handed so my strong eye is my left eye.

Changing applications is weird. You have to slide your finger over the right steam. As you are sliding your finger you will see the list of applications sliding by on the screen. But you really have to try to keep you right eye looking up towards the top of your eye socket. Once you find the application you want you tap the steam and the app will load.

The one application that was demonstrated could be very useful. You can look at any road sign or maybe a menu written in any language and it will translate it so you can read it in your language.

Would I ever own the Google Glass? Right now I would have to say no. I really think it takes a lot to try to see what you want to look up and I really don’t need a camera taking pictures and movies as I am walking around. Maybe one day if they get better? For now I will stick with using my phone.


Photography Lighting

When we talk about photography we really can’t leave out one important component “LIGHT”. I know you are yelling, “You can shoot pictures with no light!” We would be talking about another form of photography.

When we talk about light I like to classify photography lighting into three categories.

  1. Natural Lighting (Sun)
  2. Available Lighting (Room Lights fall into this category.)
  3. Artificial Lighting (Flash, Continues)

When you begin to take pictures you need to learn in steps about lighting. Remember as with anything you need to crawl before you walk and you need to walk before you can run. Learn to shoot with each lighting style that you have.




Organize Your Photos

If you are like me and I know a lot of you who read this blog are. We love taking pictures and after a very short time you will have millions and millions of pictures. At one time I had them on three different computers.

One day I thought I need to get my digital pictures more organized and I wanted to move them all to one computer. I know you are thinking only one point of failure?

I first copied all of my images off the two computers I didn’t want to use to store them on. I moved all of the pictures to an external drive. NExt I had to find one program that I wanted to use to create all my albums and collections.

My choice is Lightroom. I started with version 3 and now using version 5. This is a great program and I would recommend it for everyone. It also allows you to correct a lot of mistakes that we make while taking pictures. I have enjoyed this program so much I even teach many new users how to use Lightroom.

Thanks for reading my daily blog, watching my videos and listening to the podcasts. I wanted to mention that I created a new Patron site This site allows you to become a part of my efforts by pledging your support. Have a look if you have a minute?


Tripod or Monopod

When you first started taking pictures I am sure that you like the rest of us started hand holding your camera and grabbing your shots. This is normal because no one wants to lug around heavy gear when they are out on a walking photo shoot.

I have found that over the years my family have become my gear people. As we head out on a photo walk or on a vacation each member has something that he or she can carry. I hand my bag to one, my tripod to another and so on.

So do you need a tripod and a mono pod? This really depends on what, where and when you like to shoot. I always like to have my mono pod strapped to my camera bag. It is small enough and weighs a lot less then my tripod. The mono pod is nice for shooting pictures in a gym where space in the bleachers are limited. I also like it when I am using my long zoom lens to steady it for those long shots.

Of course the tripod is also a really nice piece of gear to have. It allows us to grab the full family shot while on vacations. How many times have you got home and thought that you wished you were in more of the pictures. The tripod is also nice for those slow shutter  shots. In the end it is about the gear. One last thought if you do buy either one of these items, make sure you buy a good one. Remember they are holding your camera.


Panoramic Pictures

These day’s seeing more is always seeing the best possible image that a landscape can provide. I have enjoyed panoramic photography ever since it has been made easy to stitch the shots together. Years ago in the dark room we had a lot more work then we do today in getting the perfect wide, wide and yes wide panoramic shot.

What is a panoramic pictures? It is a picture of very wide angles. It is normally created using three or more shots then stitched together laying them side by side.

How do you shoot a panoramic? I always use a tripod and making sure my camera is level. I shoot the first picture to the LEFT, then center my camera and take another shot, make sure you over lap your pictures. Then I move the camera to the RIGHT and grab your last shot.

Pull all of you pictures into you favorite editing software and have it stitch them together.

It is also getting easier to shoot a panoramic using your smart phone. There are many apps that will shoot the panoramic just buy you moving slowly from left to right. The picture blow was shot using my IPhone 5.

Kitchen Panoramic

Photography Gear Bags

Let’s face it as we get more and more gear we tend to require larger and larger gear bags. The only draw back about getting larger gear bags is that they tend to become very heavy.

When you are searching for a gear bag for photography equipment there are a few main items I look for.

1. Be able to hold all of my camera bodies and lenses.

2. Have a outside strap to hold a small tripod.

3. Have outside pockets for easy access to my lens cloth and blowers.

4. Have some kind of comfortable straps to carry the bag, (“I like the back pack style straps”)

The bag I always seem to lean towards or I should say company is Lowe Pro. I just like their quality and their quick strap to access my cameras.

The main thing to remember when selecting your bag is ensure you can lift it when it is FULL. Happy shopping.

LowePro Sling Shot