Cloud Based Storage

If you are not using cloud based storage then you are falling into the past with the phone on the wall and the black and white TV.  We still have people at work that carry their flash, thumb drives and still want to use them on the computers. We no longer allow the use of these drive with our computers. If you do, remember they can carry viruses into your network.

So what is Cloud Based Storage? It is a flash drive or thumb drive online for you to access from anywhere and from and device that you may have. Think about that a lone, you can not put a flash drive into an IPad or IPhone but with online storage you can access it from any of these devices.

The three that I recommend is Google Drive, Drop Box and Sky Drive from Microsoft. I have any run all three on all of my systems. Each company will normally give you up to two gigs for free. You can always buy more if you need it? I have never paid for any extra storage.

I would suggest to pick one and start using it. Once you get the hang of one they all work about the same way. The main thing for you is to pitch your flash drives and get into the cloud!

Cloud Storage

The New OS X Mavericks

I received a email from a friend the other day with his concerns about the new OS X Mavericks. The main point that the email was that if you connect a Western Digital external hard drive to your Mac with this upgrade it is said that the new operating system will wipe the drive clean?

Needless to say I have not upgraded at this point because I have two external WD drives. I have also have not seen any other claims that this is happening. Would you not think that Apple would be on top of this and post a ton of warnings to not plug your WD drives into the new OS until the figure this out?

The mail reason for this blog post this morning is just to warn everyone and give you a heads up. I normally will never upgrade my Mac with the new OS until it has been out for at least 6 months or more. I believe if it is not broken then it does not need to be fixed.

Apple OS