Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

When it comes to cloud storage I often ask myself which one is the best for your day to day working environment? The truth is they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

As many of you know I work in a public school setting and we are always looking for ways to better serve the students and staff while still maintaining a balance of reliable technology for everyone.

I look at my own cloud storage and find that I am using four main ones. Google Drive for all my school-based work, Onedrive for all of my company work, iCloud for most of my personal work and then DropBox just because I have had it the longest and I still have a lot of my work on their servers. So how do you pick just one?

I have been struggling with this for some time and I think I have found the true direction to guide people in. Use whatever ego system you are working with the most. If you are a 100% Microsoft shop and work in the Office products all of the time then you would use Onedrive. This will allow you to work on files on your computer and then on the road jump into Office 365 and pick up where you left off. If you use Google Apps all the time then use Google Drive. If you are using a Mac most of the time I would suggest iCloud and also suggest buying more storage from Apple. If you use many different apps and don’t relay of web-based apps then I would suggest DropBox or Box. The real trick is to work within the ego system you choose.

At the end of the day, all of the companies out there providing cloud-based storage are very good at what they do. Your work will be safe and sound no matter where you keep it. I would however always suggest using some form of backup. I dump my files onto an external drive for safe keeping. In today’s world, nothing is beyond hacking.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Drop me a comment and let me know what if any cloud-based storage you may be using?

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is an online radio show. Most podcasts that you will find online are FREE. Podcasts are created and produced by people just like you. Someone sitting in front of a computer with an idea. We connect a microphone to the computer and use a free software program to record our thoughts and we begin recording.

Podcasts are the thoughts of someone with something to share. Most of the time it is some form of learning. If I have an expertise and want to share what I know with the world. I can create a podcast and share my thoughts. Sometimes people create podcasts about TV shows and share their thoughts with the world.

I have always enjoyed podcasts because I can pull them onto my smart phone and play them in the car as I travel to and from work. You can put in some ear buds and listen as you are working out or taking a afternoon walk.

So how do you find a podcast to listen to? The best way is to use ITunes. Open it and click on the Store button. Then click on Podcasts. You can then search for just about anything you can think of.

I produce 3 podcasts each week. I hope you can tune into the shows. Also please subscribe. Also I have just created a new You Tube channel for my newest show. The Tech Podcast. Please subscribe to my new You Tube channel at:

Also please visit my podcast sites.

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Technology And Sports

It is amazing how much technology is used in sports today. Everything from keeping score, tracking players speed, talking to players and the most obvious recording all of the action.

I was amazed when the football coach showed me a device that measures the amount of pressure a football player hits a push sled. The device then use wireless technology to send this information to the coach’s smart phone.

If you watch the NFL you will at times see the coach on the sidelines talking into a headset. A lot of times these headsets are connected via wireless to the quart backs helmet.

What has amazed me over the years  is the camera coverage. Years ago you would get one view from the press box. Today we have every angle that is possible. The one camera I think is really cool is the one above the field that is on a zip line and travels back and forth as the players run up and down the field.

In today’s world is would be really hard for any professional sporting team to play their sport without the use of technology. I wonder if you have seen or know of any technology used in sports?



Books On Paper

I know I have talked about e-readers in the past and I could tell you a million reasons to have one. But today I am going old school and I am going to tell you why it is also nice to have a paper book.

On Tuesday I had the great pleasure of meeting and hearing a author in person. I have been reading her books for years and always waiting for the next book in the series to be released.

After the talk there was a book signing. Now if I had my handy dandy e-reader where would she have signed it. What happens one day when I buy a new e-reader? What happens if my e-reader breaks? These are all the thoughts that ran through my head as I was buying two of her books. The author by the way is J.A. Jance.

My hard back books are like treasures to me. I keep them all of them on book shelfs even though I will most likely never re-read them. Now I have one with a autograph.

I still love my kindle and I read it everyday. It is nice to travel with such a collection of books. It even allows me to sometimes read two books at once. I will have a good fiction going the same time I have a important non-fiction going to learn something new.

At the end of the day, Kindle, E-Readers or Books as long as you have something in your hands and you are pouring knowledge or just enjoyment into your brain then you are doing well. I feel if we don’t excise it then it may just stop working to soon. Reading this blog each day also helps. At least I hope to get the mind churning.

Kindle Books


Computer Gaming

I used to tell everyone that the computer is to useful to be used for gaming. Well I was right about one part of that statement. The truth is that the computer can handle many tasks and handle them very well.

Computer gaming has become part of our culture. I never thought in my life time that I would see my 78 year old mother sitting at a computer playing games. But she spends a lot of time sitting playing bingo on POGO with friends she has never met face to face but she knows them online.

So why did I want to talk about gaming? How does this fall into our morning talks about technology or photography?

As I said for years I told people don’t waste your money buying a computer to use it for gaming. I was wrong about this statement. I feel that gaming will keep your hands more active and open your mind. It also has a direct effect on your reactive times. I now believe that gaming will help you to keep your brain firing and keep your mind reacting.

You don’t have to play combat games. Simple puzzle games or a simple game of bingo online will help you to react and keep your senses engaged. Over the past few years games have been created to capture the very audience of the adult population. Anyone ever play farmville? I used to have a virtual farm on Face Book.

If you have never played any games online. I would suggest that you find something to play to keep all of your senses firing and keep your mind working.



Your Being Watched

Since I write about technology and a lot of times how it changes our lives I thought I would talk to you about what you most likely already knew.

In this world and at this time we are always being watched. Do I mean big brother with a satellite beaming down and watching us in our homes? No, what we are talking about is everywhere you go and almost every store you walk into you are on cameras. People watching our every move. Sort of, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Once my brother in-law was traveling on the turnpike and as he approached the toll booth he discovered with great horror that he had no cash for the toll. Not knowing what to do and since this is 2014 and the turnpikes still did not have a swipe and go with our credit cards, he drove through and keep going. Three to Four days later he received a ticket in the mail with a picture of his license plate. The camera caught him.

As you walk down the streets of most major cities in the USA you will find cameras hanging everywhere. This makes me feel safer because I know that the police can’t be everywhere. But for the bad guys this is like putting the law on every corner.

My thought of you really being watched all of the time. I used to work in retail theft prevention. We had cameras covering almost every corner of the store and they were all displayed on about forty monitors in the security office. We watched one at a time. So you have a 39/1 percent chance that I would miss what you might be doing.

The next time you walk around you city look above your head and see what you might see looking back at you. And when you walk into stores look around for dooms hanging from the ceilings.


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Photoshop Elements

A lot of people don’t realize that when you use Photoshop Elements you also have a powerful organizer.

I have been using Elements since version 1. I have always been impressed about how easy it is to organize all of my photos. It is also really nice in that it allows you to build albums so you can keep your photos together. I also like that it imports based on events. A event is really the date that the pictures were taken.

Once you get all of your albums built and you have all of your photos imported; you can also builds tags. Tags allow you to really drill down to each person or even each place. They when you click on the tag no matter where the photo is it will be reviled.

I also like the faces feature. This allows the software to recognize faces if you marked them before as you are importing your pictures to the organizer. This is nice because if you are looking for all pictures of Aunt Sally you can click on her name and all of her pictures will be displayed.

How can you go wrong. If you do not have Photoshop Elements I would suggest to download the trail version and have a look. If you need more help after downloading it. Please pick up one of my DVD’s from:


DVD’s Are Dying

In this world we live in media is for ever changing. We talked once about how music has changed over the years and now we are seeing a shift in videos. From DVD to streaming content over the Internet.

I think just like the cassette tapes of year gone by we will also see the DVD slowly move into history. I know I used to sell a lot of training DVD’s and they have been on a decline over the past few years. I now offer my content as online streaming media.

Soon you will no long find a DVD player. Just try looking for a VHS player, they are becoming very hard to find. I know we had boxes of old tapes that we gave away because we no longer have a VHS player.

So what if tomorrow there were no more DVD players? How many movies do you have in boxes or under your TV that you still enjoy watching once in awhile? There is hope and it works really well.

Using your computer and it’s DVD drive you can use a process called ripping. This is where you take the DVD and turn it into a streaming file and then using your home network stream it to your TV set. It is also nice because you can build a library of videos to watch when you want.

First download a FREE program MKV MAKER. This program is easy to use. You put the DVD in your drive and with a few mouse clicks you will have your movie file. Make one folder on your computer called videos and store them all in one place.

Once you are done ripping download a program called PLEX SERVER. Another FREE program that you run on your computer that will host all of your titles.

Last buy either a ROKU box or a Google Chrome Cast and connect it to your TV. Open up the PLEX APP and it will find your PLEX server on your computer and you will see all of your titles and be able to watch them when you want to and time. You can also stream your videos to your tablets.


Google Glass

When I was recently away at the technology conference I attended I had a chance to try on a pair of Google Glass.

When you first pick up Glass you will notice that they are a little heavier then they look. I always noticed that they seemed to get a little warm over the right ear, this is due to the battery being located there. The person who was at the table showing them off said this is normal.

Once I had the Google Glass on and started to see the little screen over my right eye I found it to be really difficult to see the screen. You really can’t just look up and see it. You have to allow you eye to wonder up and then you will see what is on the screen. Another issue I have with glass is that it would be nice if you could oder it with the screen over your strong eye. I am left handed so my strong eye is my left eye.

Changing applications is weird. You have to slide your finger over the right steam. As you are sliding your finger you will see the list of applications sliding by on the screen. But you really have to try to keep you right eye looking up towards the top of your eye socket. Once you find the application you want you tap the steam and the app will load.

The one application that was demonstrated could be very useful. You can look at any road sign or maybe a menu written in any language and it will translate it so you can read it in your language.

Would I ever own the Google Glass? Right now I would have to say no. I really think it takes a lot to try to see what you want to look up and I really don’t need a camera taking pictures and movies as I am walking around. Maybe one day if they get better? For now I will stick with using my phone.


Happy With Your Cell Service?

I was reading Consumer Reports and came across a article talking about cell phone services. This is one of those monthly bills that no one really likes but it seems everyone has one. And it seems we pay a lot of money for our trusty cell phones.

Most of us myself included have been with the same cell phone provider for years. I think looking back I have been with Verizon for over twenty five years. Even if we have bad service at times it seems we still stick with the same companies.

Reading about price it looks like the best deal is the pre paid plans. All of the services provide some kind of pre paid plans. What is nice about these plans is that you can not go over your set minutes or data. It did say in the article that the very best plan is the family plans. I switched to one of these plans two years ago and I have been paying more ever since.

In the end the truth is; the cell phone companies are getting your money and they don’t care how they get it. In all my life I have never seen such a rip off. Come on $30.00 a month for Internet per phone! I pay $50.00 for Internet in our house and I can have as many devices as I want on my wireless. But as long as we pay, they will continue to screw us over. And why not?

Are you happy with your cell phone service? Have you ever been with another service to compare the one you have to? In the end cell phones are just like any other habit. I have found myself returning home just because I forgot you pick up my cell phone from the kitchen table.

Cell Companies