Are You A Cord Cutter?

So just what is a cord cutter? It is anyone that has disconnected from any type of cable TV. From standard cable companies to fiber or maybe you are a satellite user like myself?

If you cut your cords to the traditional TV programming providers in the world where would you get your content?,, or maybe You Tube? Even the networks are now beginning to put their shows onto their web site normally the day after it airs. So why do we continue to pay so much for TV programming?

I think it is history. It is the way we are use to getting our entreatment. When I was talking about having our home phone line removed from the house; my wife was not happy. She said she is more use to reaching for the receiver and picking up the phone. It has now been four years and we are still very happy to not be getting those ROBO calls any longer.

So if you still enjoy paying $100.00 or more the same shows that you can watch over the Internet that is fine. I for one have began to move my families viewing over the the Internet. Now we never fight over the TV because they are watching on their IPads, laptops and even smart phones. (So are you a cord cutter)?

Cord Cutter


Twitter has been around for years. Have you tweeted today? Twitter allows you to create a global or direct message using only 140 characters at a time.

Twitter was created at a time in technology when we were not even yet using text messages. This was perfect timing because it allowed people to communicate with each other in a direct and simple way.

What is Twitter good for? I use it to follow news such as my local news, CNN and ESPN. You can also follow your favorite movie theater when a movie is released you could get a tweet. You can also search using a #HASHTAG or a topic such as, #NFL, #HOCKEY there is no limit to the word you can try.

So is Twitter just like Face Book? No I always say that Face Book gets a little chatty, or people running on and on with no point. Twitter holds you to those 140 characters. This makes you and others think a little before sending their message.

So if you don’t tweet yet and now I have you thinking that you would like to please FOLLOW me @technoman.


The New Radio

With each year passing we always seem to have new technology to get us through the day and even through the week. This is by no means new technology, but it maybe new to you? I am talking about PODCASTS. I have been podcasting since 2005 and I now create and produce 4 podcasts each week. I will give you the links at the end of this post.

What is a podcast? A podcast is created by any normal person and sometimes not so normal. Most podcasts are created as either an MP3 or OGG and AAC formats. Each one of these are audio files. They are created by recording your voice onto the computer.

So what do podcasts contain and why would you want to listen to any body sitting around and talking into the computer? If you can think of a subject, I would say there is a podcast out there covering it. You will find people that have a passion for a subject and they want to share the information with the world. Most of the time these are FREE!

So how do you find and listen to podcasts? Your first stop should be ITunes. Download it for free, it works on Windows and Macs. Click on the STORE and then click on PODCASTS. When you find one you wish to listen to just click on it and tune into the show. If you like it click on the SUBSCRIBE button.

At times you will find a podcast you really like to listen to. Before you click on the SUBSCRIBE button, check the latest date on the most current podcast. If the date is longer then a month old the podcaster most likely shut down the show.

You can also check out I produce two of my shows live on Spreaker each week. What is nice about this service is that they have created a sort of LIVE radio. You can get the app for you smart phone and tune in live or listen later. Check out my shows and please subscribe.

The Photography Guy:

Tips From The Server Room:

Jacks Tech Corner:

Tech Talk:

Old Radio

Do You Have A Domain Name

What is a domain name? We have all seen these and we probably know about a thousand domain names in our heads. But did you ever think about owning your own piece of the Internet? You should stake your claim to your piece of the new gold rush.

Why would you want a domain name? Easy if you don’t buy your name, I mean your given name someone else will. I found this out when I was creating a Face Book page that someone in this large vast world we live in, has the same name as I do. I bought my domain names back in the 90’s. The funny back story of that is that I paid more then for my name then it costs today to own a domain name.

My personal name site has taken many turns over the years, you can check it out here: I also missed the bigger boat. Remember I owned an Internet service before anyone wanted Internet. We could of and should have bought up every domain name that was out there. I would have been rich and would not have been sitting here now talking to you. Of course I enjoy blogging so maybe I would be doing this off my boat?

Even if you don’t have a company or any business for that matter. You should buy your domain name. Also buy your kids names, they will thank you one day for doing that for them.

It is really easy. Visit:, sign up for an account and search your name. Once you find it and I hope you do, you will buy it. You don’t need to setup a web site now. They will create a parked page for you, this will just show that your name is owned. Good luck and please comment if you do setup a web site. I will be working soon on some videos to teach you how to create a site from A-Z.

Domain Names


Is Paper Print Dying Off?

This is a question we get everyday on the job. With all of the digital content floating around and with all of the access to cloud based storage drives, there is a decrease in paper being used. If you want to lower the paper use in your business you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Provide all of your office workers with a sharing solution. This will allow them to share, read and edit documents without printing them.
  2. Remove any desktop printers that you have. If you ask your office workers to walk to the printer, you will see a drop in the printing.
  3. Create a central monitored printing area. This could be one office worker that see all of the print jobs.

I really didn’t want this to turn into a lesson on creating a printing plan. I wanted to point out that print on paper is dying off. I have noticed over the years in education there is a lot less printing happening.

The last thought is that we consume the written word in a different way. I know I read my Kindle and IPad more then I ever have a paper, book or even magazines. It is sad I have been reading book for the better part of 47 years, I enjoy them but I don’t get hung up on the smell or the feel of the book. If we hold back we should go back? Remember the wringer washing machine, no one said a word when those went away?


3D or 4K Television What Will Win

We talked sometime ago about the fight in the early 70’s with the VCR using either VHS or BETA tapes. We all know that VHS won the war and became the standard. Then the fight for the Internet with web browsers. We had the fight between Microsoft IE and Netscape, with Microsoft winning out by using a shady tactic of FREELY giving away their IE browser.

Now this brings us to the war for your dollars. And this war is coming to your living room. 3D TV’s were first really seen two years ago at  CES and really just didn’t grip the consumer. I really think as do a lot of others, people don’t want to wear glasses on their face when they are watching TV. The idea is great, I would love to see a football game in 3D and have the players and the football coming right into your viewing room.

It looks like there is another shift coming out a last years CES 4K TV’s. If you don’t know what this is then you are most likely not alone. We still see people buying their first LCD TV. 4K is a higher brighter resolution. This means that you will see detail that you have never seen before. I thought that Blue Ray already took care of this? The only issue is that there is not much if any content or video being created for this new 4K technology.

So what does all of this stuff take place? Easy. The TV makers and creators of video know that we need more and think we are never happy. There is a little proof for that. We were watching a movie the other night in Standard Def. and I my daughter didn’t want to watch it. She said it looked blurry. Be really once you have your TV, you are most likely not changing it until it dies. I know that is the rule we live by.

What will you buy or are you waiting for the future item that we have not seen yet? Post the answer in the comments.


Technology Changes Our Lives

In this world of ever changing technology sometimes we miss the little settle changes that might just pass you by. I know that just in our kitchen these days it seems we are always plugging something in to help us cook a meal. A lot of people even plug in the good old electric can opener to do what once was a very manual job.

You can even look around your gym the next time you go to work out. When in the showers at our local gym there is now a soap dispenser that I just wave my hand under and the soap runs right out.

The main reason for all of this chatter this morning is for you to be more aware of just how technology has changed us. I have began yo snap pictures with my cell phone when ever I run up on something that has changed the way of something we use to do with a manual tool or device. I hope you join me in my quest. Please snap your findings and upload them for FREE to our new Flickr group: .

This is a picture and really a idea to get you started on your quest. As I was washing my hands while leaving the rest room I looked down and thought of this column. I never thought they could improve on the faucet on the sink.


New Media and New Gadgets

I would like to invite you to enjoy some new media that I have been working on for this blog. Sometime ago I created a podcast for this blog called, “This Week In The Blog”. Each Saturday I give you a audio recap on my weekly blog postings and now I added five tech news items. This week I did the podcast LIVE and recorder it. Let me know what you think of the podcast and the LIVE session. Here are links to both the podcast and the recorded live show. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast check it out on ITunes,


Podcast Page:



And so I begins, CES which is the Consumer Electronics Show. The show is held in Las Vegas each year. It allows all of the electronic makers to show their newest gadgets. For the past few years it has been a TV fest. From what I have been reading it looks like we will be seeing more ultra books. And yes more tablets. Acer is set to release a new tablet for $149.00. If I find anything this week from the show floor I will be sure to share it with all of you.

Audio Books

I don’t know if you currently read books? But I have been reading a lot lately part of my up coming New Years Resolution is to read more novels this year. I am normally lucky to read eight books a year and this coming year I am shooting for fifteen.

With that said; I have been playing around a little with audio books. Once called books on tape these have not become books on MP3’s. I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on this media.

Let’s begin with the price. If you sign up for the major audio book dealer on the Internet, you know their name they advertise everywhere. You will be shelling out about fifteen dollars a month for one book. I have searched and search the Internet and the price is pretty much set in stone. I guess they have a lot of people to pay out of that money. The author, the talent who reads and then of course the company selling the audio book.

You can burrow audio books from your local library, all you need is a library card. You can also burrow them from friends.

My issue with my love and hate relationship with audio books. First they are extremely slow. Most books seem like a minute or more per sentence. Sometimes the reader will be mono tone, but other times you will get an upbeat reader who uses voices for each character in the book. I do enjoy the convince of being able to listen to my books while driving, cooking dinner and even mowing the grass. If you have never tried an audio book then I urge you to grab something and tune in.

Audio Books

Merry Christmas Happy Holiday’s

A late post is better then no post at all right? It is Christmas day and I spent the morning with my family opening gifts with the kids; my son and his girl friend coming last night and we exchanged gifts with them then. Of course you are not here to read about my Holiday but I thought I would share that with you to know that I am just a normal guy writing a normal blog.

So did anyone else get any new cool devices or camera gear for Christmas? That’s my lead in to what I got. I received the new Kindle Paper White, this is just what I asked for and my wife never let’s me down. So I thought I would give my first impressions after sending a few of my books to the device.

I turned it on and it is just as they say a nice soft lit reading device. The pages turn really easily by just lightly touching the screen. I always like to send my books to the Kindle by using the email address that Amazon attaches to the device. I had the $69.00 device now since last Christmas and it still works well, I just wanted to upgrade to the new device. If you get one and notice some dark areas at the bottom of the screen this is due to the LED lights shinning up on the page and everyone says it is normal and will kind of fade after some use. And there is a experimental web browser on the device so that you can browse the web in black and white but it is still cool! I will report some other time as to how long the battery really lasts. I am ordering a case today from Amazon, if you order one look for the cast that is $15.00, you don’t need to buy the one for $49.00, this one will still turn off the device when you close the case.

Please comment and let me know what kind of devices you received for this Holiday season I would like to know what you might have received. Well time to go back to out Holiday family time.

   Kindle Paper White