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Walking Around Lens

I always have a lot of people emailing me or coming up to me at work asking, if I could only have one lens what would I suggest? My return question is always asking them about how much they want to spend? For a good everyday lens that would cover all bases; I would suggest a lens that has a broad focal range. You don’t want to hand a 50mm fixed lens on your camera and head out on a landscape shoot. You need something that will go from wide to long range zoom. You also want something with a … Continue reading

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With the art of taking pictures comes the art of continued learning. We must be able to allow out brains to open up and allow it to see somethings really work in reverse order. We also need to allow our brains to begin to think of light in the forms of Aperture. Aperture is the main apparatus of allowing a certain amount of light into the camera; then hitting the camera’s sensor. But as I said we have to understand Aperture in the order of smallest is really largest. And in the reverse of things largest is really the smallest. … Continue reading

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Is Point and Shoot Dead?

I know we all have them; no not a point and shoot camera but a cell phone. Today’s cell phones have some great cameras built into them. It makes it hard to even find a reason as to why we would want to carry another camera with us when we already have one in our pocket or purse. So is the point and shoot dead? I do think they are on a decline in sales but I don’t think they are dead. I for one would rather shoot with a point and shoot then my cell phone. It is nice … Continue reading

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Truth About Nikon Pricing

I receive hundreds if not thousands of emails and phone calls from everyone in almost every walk of life. The question I keep getting over and over should I buy one of the cheaper Nikon cameras? This is the simple facts and I just talked about this yesterday. You get what you pay for and this holds true with camera gear. I have been shooting Nikons for well over a decade now and I understand how they make their cheaper cameras. If you buy one of the low cost models which would be like the D5200, D5300, D3000 or really … Continue reading

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Photography Light Modifier

When you begin using flash to add to your photography knowledge or using it to increase your sells by allowing you to shoot anytime of the day or night. You will need to also look into light modifiers. There are many types of modifiers on the market. I should know I have many of them because I always feel you should have the correct tools to perform the job. There are soft boxes which are suppose to be the king of all modifiers. And then there are umbrellas which to me they are the best for wrapping your subject in … Continue reading

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Photo Backups

I get asked this question at least a hundred times a day. What is the best way to backup my pictures? My response is best way to backup pictures is the way that you select. Let me clarify this a little; as long as you are backing up in some way it is better then not backing up at all. I am very over protective of my pictures and other data that I am creating on my computers. Being in the field for so many years now I have found that hard drives even as good as they are can … Continue reading

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New Canon Worlds Smallest DSLR

If I was in the market for a new camera and I was going to switch from my beloved Nikon D600 I would have to open my eyes and mind to this new small frame digital camera. The new Canon EOS Rebel SL1. The one thing I have noticed is that as we get better and better DSLR cameras we see them becoming smaller and smaller in their over all frame size. FROM CANON DIRECTLY: The EOS Rebel SL1 features an 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that performs exceptionally well in both bright and dimly lit shooting environments with an … Continue reading

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