Married To Microsoft Office

I had a great conversation with a technology director Steve who I met after attending a session about Virtual Desktops. I think we were both attending to try to keep one leg up on what is out there to use in our schools.

Steve introduced himself after the session. I mentioned in the session that we are using Google Chrome Books and Steve has an interest in doing the same thing at his school, they want to be more aggressive then our school and go 1-to-1. This is where every student will receive his or her own new shinny Chrome Book. Great idea!

The concern with his teaching staff as it was with ours in the changing from one office package said “Microsoft”, and moving to Google Docs. Will it be bold enough to write our lesson plans? Will the kids be able to learn how to attach the docs and send them to the teachers? All very common concerns.

The simple truth of the matter is, we should have never been married to any one piece of brand of software! This is the true fact that confused these very teachers now teaching in our classrooms. MS was shoved down their throats since they were little. Let’s STOP THE MADNESS!

Since we moved into the Chrome Book world our teachers and students thank me everyday. Can you laptops do this? Instant on, Battery lasting up to 14 hours on a single charge, Automatic saving of the projects they are working on. And on and on and on. When I have a teacher or student tell me thanks I know we made a positive impact on education. CHROME BOOKS AND GOOGLE DOCS, GO FOR IT!


Teaching Common Sense

If you are sitting at your desk right now and your looking around do you see your password taped anywhere? Think about the last time you changed your password; don’t lie to yourself say the day and date out loud. Can’t remember right?

What about your working documents and spread sheets? How many of those do you have on your desktop so you can access those just as easy as someone walking by your computer? Before leaving your Windows computers, “Hold down the Windows Key and hit L”. This will lock your computer.

Do you use online storage, I wrote about them here in the past, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or any of the other hundreds? Do you encrypt your files using True Crypt before uploading it to those sites? Why not True Crypt is FREE and easy to use.

The great point that the IU13 team was sharing with us is that you have to care for your networks and data. You have to lock it down before someone finds a pass key into your stuff. Just how secure are your honeymoon pictures?

I will be doing a video soon on True Crypt for my You Tube channel. We need to get secure folks and I want to help everyone who follows this blog.