Cell Phone Gaming

It amazes me how many kids of all ages I see playing on their parents cell phones. Did you ever wonder who that two or three year old might be calling? Grandma or grand pap maybe?

Not at all, the kids are being entertained with games on the cell phone. These games are normally placed there by the mother who knows how to keep her children calm and relaxed.

I have to admit I have Flappy Bird on my iPhone. I have found when I am at a doctors office or sometimes just sitting in the recliner I like to smash into some pipes every once in awhile.

The really sad part about this is that the hand held gaming devices are becoming less of a desire for the youths today. Even if the kids don’t have a cell phone to play on you will find them carrying an iPod touch. Which is really just a cell phone without the cell radio part build into them.

Kids are growing up in a much different world and time then when I grew up. I think I heard that same statement coming from my dad when I was young. When my friend and I was sitting in front of a TV watching a little speck of light bouncing back and forth across the screen. Or shooting alien invaders until our fingers felt like they were going to fall off of our hands.

I often sit around and wonder what the next big thing will be for the gaming industry?

Cell Gaming


Smart Phone Upgrade

I know the title to this post seems like it could be from long ago. But the truth of the matter is my wife is finally upgrading to a shinny new smart phone. She will be getting the iPhone 5C Green 32 GB model.

So why did she wait so long? Smart phones have been on the market for years. Well she is not a touch screen type of girl. She has have a small phone with a button keyboard that slides out. And she has had this phone for about six years.

Now that the battery only lasts about twenty minutes she is fat up with the old phone. Did you ever go to the local cell phone store and look for an old phone? They make about three of them and they all have bad, yes really bad reviews. So she played with my iPhone and said she will just have to get use to using one. I am already thinking of all the great way we can now communicate. We could face time and now use iMessaging.

I wonder why the smart phones need to cost $10.00 more a month? It is still the same service. I guess it has to do with paying for the phone? I will have to get a pic of her using the new phone and share with all of you.

Which phone do you have and tell me a little about your cell phones and how your carriers are holding up.

iPhone 5C

New Facebook IOS App

I normally don’t talk much about applications. I think I need to move a little that way and give you my views on the apps that keep us up to date and up to the times.

Facebook has long been a battery drainer on your IPhones or IPod touches. But they rolled up their sleeves and got their programmers working overtime. What did the come up with?

A beautiful clean and easy to use new IOS app called “PAPER”. I will be the first to tell you I am not a Facebook fan boy. I use it mostly because everyone I know is there and I can locate and chat to my friends. But with this new “PAPER” I am finding myself opening it more and more.

It is also easy to create great looking posts and makes it easier to find news and what you are looking for. There is however a little fight going on between Facebook and another company FiftyThree who has had this name for years “PAPER”. Their app is really like folded paper on your IOS device.

Question of the day: Should larger companies be allowed to take the name of someone else’s applications? You know if this was reversed Facebook would be suing the crap out of this little guy. Check out my new web site: facebook1.com? What would happen?

Download the new app to your IOS device. It also looks great on the IPad.


Happy With Your Cell Service?

I was reading Consumer Reports and came across a article talking about cell phone services. This is one of those monthly bills that no one really likes but it seems everyone has one. And it seems we pay a lot of money for our trusty cell phones.

Most of us myself included have been with the same cell phone provider for years. I think looking back I have been with Verizon for over twenty five years. Even if we have bad service at times it seems we still stick with the same companies.

Reading about price it looks like the best deal is the pre paid plans. All of the services provide some kind of pre paid plans. What is nice about these plans is that you can not go over your set minutes or data. It did say in the article that the very best plan is the family plans. I switched to one of these plans two years ago and I have been paying more ever since.

In the end the truth is; the cell phone companies are getting your money and they don’t care how they get it. In all my life I have never seen such a rip off. Come on $30.00 a month for Internet per phone! I pay $50.00 for Internet in our house and I can have as many devices as I want on my wireless. But as long as we pay, they will continue to screw us over. And why not?

Are you happy with your cell phone service? Have you ever been with another service to compare the one you have to? In the end cell phones are just like any other habit. I have found myself returning home just because I forgot you pick up my cell phone from the kitchen table.

Cell Companies


Where Do You Get Your Music

Back not to long ago I used to listen to the radio. It seemed we had a radio in every room in the house; my parents even bought a radio with a toilet paper dispenser. ¬†We also used to buy a ton of records; either LP’s or 45’s and had cases full sitting around the home stereo.

Then in the 80’s we started to see a move to the portable entreatment. It seemed everywhere you looked someone was carrying a large boom box on their shoulder. We had music everywhere you went.

Moving up to the later 90’s and early 2000 there was a little disk that showed up and everyone went crazy for them. The CD ROM. Now we could have our large scale LP’s cut down to something we could carry. It seemed that over night the boom box disappeared and the Walk Man became the craze of the day. We all had a walk man and head phones. If you were seen walking through the mall wearing head phones people thought you were just cool.

Then in the mid 2000’s a still very young CEO named Steve Jobs stood on a stage and showed us the IPod. Even though this was not the first MP3 device. It was the first to allow us to carry so much music. But what is did either for or to the music industry, by increasing their digital sells and lowering the number of tunes that were pirated. He made everyone money including Apple.

In today’s world kids don’t want to be tied down to what music they have. Seems these day’s everyone is streaming their music. I know my kids seem to listen to more music on You Tube and Pandora more then any other way.

I often sit around and wonder what will be the next big thing? I know for sure it will include or at least find a way into the very music we listen to.

Music Players

How Many Times Do You Look?

Everyday I wonder just how many times a day I look at my technology? What I am really talking about is how many times do I take my smart phone out of my pocket and check one thing or the other?

I normally loose count as soon as I get to work. If your day’s were like ours you would understand that counting the number of times that we check our phones is just out of the question. I think it is because we check it so many times a day that we just could not keep up.

Really the smart phone has made us really efficient. We no longer have to run back to our computers on our desks to check our support tickets. We can now have a quick look at our phone and do all the calls in a certain area.

Today I am going to do my very best to count the number of times I open my phone. I tried to find a app that would count this for me and keep track. If there is anyone reading this that can design a app please write it and let me know.