New Technology In 2018

2018 Tech

With each passing year, we always see new technology coming to our hands. I have to sit and wonder what will be next? Often I have people ask me what will be the next big thing? My reply is if I knew that I could be a very rich man. But I like most of you reading this normally sit back and waits to see what the next thing will be in technology.

Let me begin by saying this might be the year for VR, Virtual Reality? I think VR will be used for more than just gaming. I think we might see VR pushing its way into the entertainment world. This would be great to help bring back movie theaters. It might be for awhile anyway something that most of us do not have at home? Instead of just watching a movie we could be in the movie or a part of a scene?

The next push I see coming is flat everything. From flat card-like phones that we can roll up and put in your pocket to flat TV’s that will be hanging on the walls. Not flat as we now know, there will be paper flat that might be put up with double face tape?

My wish is that someone will invent a credit card system where there is no standard numbering system. I feel that credit card companies can come up with a chip that mixes your numbers up everytime you use it. As long as there is a standard numbering system hackers will be able to get those numbers and use them for whatever they wish.

I have been in technology working now for the past 25 years. I am like most of you who are always amazed by what comes out next. Just look at our camera’s we use every day. I now use a mirrorless that weighs almost nothing compared to the large Nikon I use to carry around. Now that smaller is better it is just easier to carry around.

I would like to know what you think might be coming to the technology landscape? Or do you have an idea of what we need that we do not already have? Only time will tell what the next big thing will be.

Artificial Intelligence Is It Coming

Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence coming or is it already here? I have been doing a little research into the possibility of AI and allowing our computers to become a sort of thinking machine. Now I know I might get a lot of backlash on this subject but take a minute and read on.

I feel that some forms of AI are already around us. Not what you see in movies but what we are seeing in a lot of humans today. Just watch the people around you in a restaurant or at a ball game maybe even on public transportation. In movies they normally show a machine that is walking around or maybe worse then that a human with a chip in them giving them information. If this were to happen it would connect us humans to the Internet full time. With data using our nerves and maybe a blood as conductors passing information to our brain. Then connecting us to every other human and the super highway. But as I see it with these human I talked about above. We pull our phones out to learn just about everything. They can lead us to that restaurant and then show us the menu before we ever step foot inside of the door. Is this not a form of AI?

Now we have watches that connect us to our phones in our pockets for quicker access to the information we need. It was not to many years ago you had to go home to contact someone else. Now that we are connected with devices we can contact each other simply by pulling out our phone or using our wearable and texting someone. Are we getting closer?

My wife always tells me when I talk to her about my thoughts of AI that she does not want to be tracked and openly share her thoughts. But that phone in your pocket tracks you all day long. And it seems to me that people are sharing their thoughts over social media every second of every day. So I would think that if we had a chip and some sort of contact lens that we can view a screen we could text with thought instead of our fingers. My wife also feels that this would be the anti-christ? I would not go that far. People will tell you that once you are chipped you will be tagged for life? Did you ever hear of social security? Stop by the social security office sometime and ask them for your work history. They have everything from the day you started working. So with that and your phone you are tracked now.

So will computers and robots ever be able to think on their own? I can tell you about routers that learn and find the best and fastest path for your Internet traffic to find its destination. But I don’t want to give you facts I just want you to think what if?

Creation or Standardization?

In the vast world that we live in with the fast paced everything how can our children learn to handle change? We want them to handle change and we strive to find ways to get it into their brains. But STOP! Really? This is the talk in many circles but when you get right down to the cold hard facts we don’t want people who can think outside of the box. Anyone read The Maze Runner, read it and see what happens when we allow little people to begin to think on their own.

At this writing there are no cold hard facts; these are my observations in the education world. And it’s not our administration or even our teaching staff. No it is the very government that is trying their best to put a hammer and nail to creation. Creation is not only the building of something, it is really allowing our students to think. Yes “BIG THINKERS” that is not a phase that you hear everyday.

Now for the reality of our lives and our times, Standard Testing for All! “Teach to the test damn it or be removed from the act of teaching!” WHAT? Our teachers teach as I one teacher describes it “I teach to see those little minds churning and really thinking about how to solve something.”  Now let’s hear from a teacher who has to teach for a test, “Yes I teach, it pays the bills and I get summers off, I would like to see the kids learning something new but there just is not enough time.”

Do you know where the and when the standard testing started and even why? Read this quote from Wikipedia.

 The use of standardized testing in the United States is a 20th-century phenomenon with its origins in World War I and the Army Alpha and Beta tests developed by Robert Yerkes and colleagues.[4]

In the United States, the need for the federal government to make meaningful comparisons across a highly de-centralized (locally controlled) public education system has also contributed to the debate about standardized testing, including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 that required standardized testing in public schools. U.S. Public Law 107-110, known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, further ties public school funding to standardized testing.

And so it began in 1965 and then to add injury to insult we had another president come along and make it worse in 2001!

This is a TOP DOWN issue. As I sit in conferences enjoying each session and digging into bringing tech into the classrooms. I have to wonder just how many of these GREAT teachers and administrators will be allowed to go back to their schools and roll it out?

And if your not in education then please call and write your congress men and women and tell them we need true education reform! And once again allow our children to create the NEXT BIG THING!


Learning From Others

I am attending a education and technology conference this week. We can never learn enough about new trends and I have to keep a handle on trends in technology as the impact education.

Last evening I had the pleasure of sitting and talking to some of my peers from schools across the state. There seems to be a growing issue that I tuned into. Schools today, all schools, I thought for a while it was only mine; are digging and reaching for all things tech. It is really hard to settle on one form of tech because it is changing so fast.

So what is the answer with technology and education? It looks like we have to pick what works for your school, your teachers and most important of all your student body. I often use the term and push the issue that our students need and deserve to see all of the tech that we can toss at them. In reality I now think that our students need and deserve what will work for them to get the task done that they are trying to complete.


Yes conferences will open your eyes and allow you to see into ideas and thoughts that you may not have had before attending. I really enjoy the networking aspect of just walking up to someone I never met and saying, “Hello I am Jack, where are you from?” Then you open dialog with someone you never met. Time to get ready to head out to the keynote and learn more then I knew yesterday.




Twitter has been around for years. Have you tweeted today? Twitter allows you to create a global or direct message using only 140 characters at a time.

Twitter was created at a time in technology when we were not even yet using text messages. This was perfect timing because it allowed people to communicate with each other in a direct and simple way.

What is Twitter good for? I use it to follow news such as my local news, CNN and ESPN. You can also follow your favorite movie theater when a movie is released you could get a tweet. You can also search using a #HASHTAG or a topic such as, #NFL, #HOCKEY there is no limit to the word you can try.

So is Twitter just like Face Book? No I always say that Face Book gets a little chatty, or people running on and on with no point. Twitter holds you to those 140 characters. This makes you and others think a little before sending their message.

So if you don’t tweet yet and now I have you thinking that you would like to please FOLLOW me @technoman.