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Flash Triggers

Most people you will see with a speed light or off camera flash always seem to have their flash hanging off the camera. They connect the flash directly to the hot show of the camera. I also did this for years, I didn’t know of any better way. Now I know from years of studying flash and the way that light falls off of our subject we need to get the flash off the camera and place it on angles. This will allow us to create different lighting effects. There are a few ways we can get the flash off … Continue reading

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Photography Lighting

When we talk about photography we really can’t leave out one important component “LIGHT”. I know you are yelling, “You can shoot pictures with no light!” We would be talking about another form of photography. When we talk about light I like to classify photography lighting into three categories. Natural Lighting (Sun) Available Lighting (Room Lights fall into this category.) Artificial Lighting (Flash, Continues) When you begin to take pictures you need to learn in steps about lighting. Remember as with anything you need to crawl before you walk and you need to walk before you can run. Learn to … Continue reading

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Using Speed Lights For Photography

In photography the most important aspect is light. If you don’t have light you will not and can not make a photograph. A lot of people go out and buy studio strobe as I did when they want to begin adding flash to their bag of tricks. Studio strobes are nice but I don’t like being tied down to a AC plug. I want to be able to take my flashes with me no matter where I go. I want to introduce lighting even when I am shooting outside. For those of you who have never shot with flash outside … Continue reading

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Photography Flash

If you are reading these posts then you know I like to write about technology and photography. Today’s post is leaning towards to photography side of things. I was talking to a friend yesterday who is just getting into flash photography. Flash is any type of photography light that acts as a strobe. With that said this can either be a speed light or a studio strobe. It really depends on what you are shooting or maybe even more so where you are shooting. I tend to use speed lights because of the way I shoot. I tend to be … Continue reading

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