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Touch Typing on Tablets

So what is touch typing? Touch typing is just what is sounds like. You use the keyboard on the tablet to create your text. Touch typing is available is every app on the tablet that I have found. It does take some getting use to. One thing I have found is that there is no clicking that we are use to. One thing nice about touch typing at least on the iPad is the use of suggestive words as you type. What keyboard can do that? Children today are growing up using touch typing. You see this everywhere you go. … Continue reading

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Home Wireless Routers

   I often get asked what kind of router do I need for my home. Or another one is, do I need a wifi router if there is cell service close to my house? First when I get asked if someone needs a wireless router I ask them what they wish to do with their Internet? Most times I am told they just got an iPad or laptop and want to sit anywhere and be able to shop and browse the Internet. Let me start by saying one thing. If you buy cheap then you get cheap. Most people call … Continue reading

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Christmas Laptops

   One questions I get asked more then ever during this time of year is what kind of laptop should I buy for my child for Christmas? This would be the same as asking a car dealer what kind of car should I but my child who is graduating from high school. They will tell you to buy the most expensive one you could afford. But I on the other hand will tell you to buy what you think the child we need. On the other hand. Be careful of all of those so called deals during the Holiday season. … Continue reading

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