DVD’s Are Dying

In this world we live in media is for ever changing. We talked once about how music has changed over the years and now we are seeing a shift in videos. From DVD to streaming content over the Internet.

I think just like the cassette tapes of year gone by we will also see the DVD slowly move into history. I know I used to sell a lot of training DVD’s and they have been on a decline over the past few years. I now offer my content as online streaming media.

Soon you will no long find a DVD player. Just try looking for a VHS player, they are becoming very hard to find. I know we had boxes of old tapes that we gave away because we no longer have a VHS player.

So what if tomorrow there were no more DVD players? How many movies do you have in boxes or under your TV that you still enjoy watching once in awhile? There is hope and it works really well.

Using your computer and it’s DVD drive you can use a process called ripping. This is where you take the DVD and turn it into a streaming file and then using your home network stream it to your TV set. It is also nice because you can build a library of videos to watch when you want.

First download a FREE program MKV MAKER. This program is easy to use. You put the DVD in your drive and with a few mouse clicks you will have your movie file. Make one folder on your computer called videos and store them all in one place.

Once you are done ripping download a program called PLEX SERVER. Another FREE program that you run on your computer that will host all of your titles.

Last buy either a ROKU box or a Google Chrome Cast and connect it to your TV. Open up the PLEX APP and it will find your PLEX server on your computer and you will see all of your titles and be able to watch them when you want to and time. You can also stream your videos to your tablets.


3D or 4K Television What Will Win

We talked sometime ago about the fight in the early 70’s with the VCR using either VHS or BETA tapes. We all know that VHS won the war and became the standard. Then the fight for the Internet with web browsers. We had the fight between Microsoft IE and Netscape, with Microsoft winning out by using a shady tactic of FREELY giving away their IE browser.

Now this brings us to the war for your dollars. And this war is coming to your living room. 3D TV’s were first really seen two years ago at  CES and really just didn’t grip the consumer. I really think as do a lot of others, people don’t want to wear glasses on their face when they are watching TV. The idea is great, I would love to see a football game in 3D and have the players and the football coming right into your viewing room.

It looks like there is another shift coming out a last years CES 4K TV’s. If you don’t know what this is then you are most likely not alone. We still see people buying their first LCD TV. 4K is a higher brighter resolution. This means that you will see detail that you have never seen before. I thought that Blue Ray already took care of this? The only issue is that there is not much if any content or video being created for this new 4K technology.

So what does all of this stuff take place? Easy. The TV makers and creators of video know that we need more and think we are never happy. There is a little proof for that. We were watching a movie the other night in Standard Def. and I my daughter didn’t want to watch it. She said it looked blurry. Be really once you have your TV, you are most likely not changing it until it dies. I know that is the rule we live by.

What will you buy or are you waiting for the future item that we have not seen yet? Post the answer in the comments.