Laptop Or Desktop?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I am asked this question. Jack I am buying a new computer, should I buy a laptop or a desktop? Also will I be able to work the laptop is it harder then my old desktop?

First should you buy a laptop or a desktop? My first response to this question is what will you be doing with the computer? If you always find yourself sitting at a desk and working over the keyboard, then the desktop will save you some money. On the other hand if you find yourself sitting on your couch with your desktop in your lap, then it is a laptop you are crying out for.

Just think of how many times you were or wished you could be portable. Laptops often get confused with being only for business. This is not true. I find many people just enjoying not being tied to their desks. In our house you will always find one of our family members with the laptop on their lap looking up things as they are watching TV. I enjoy using the laptop on the deck in the summer, enjoying the warm nights with a cold beer and a little web surfing.

Next is it hard to use a laptop. You might be laughing right now. Really don’t laugh, I have a good friend that has been working with computers for as long as I have. He still does not like the feel of the laptop keyboard. Some people really like the feel of the desktop keyboard, because the keys are spaced a part and have a little more travel room as you hit them. In the end all computers work the same way. And if you don’t like using the track pad, pick up a USB mouse and plug it into your laptop.

At the end of the day I really can’t tell you which computer would be the best for what you do. You have to make that choice. I use both desktop and a laptop and an IPad in my daily computing life. Of course I am in this crazy business so all three just fit. Once you make a choice don’t turn back. If you buy a laptop, allow yourself time to get use to the keyboard; if you buy a desktop then be happy with your choice. In the end as long as you are computing then you will be a happier person.


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One Response to Laptop Or Desktop?

  1. Don says:

    The laptop definitely is inferior to a desktop monitor for seriously editing photos and videos. Slight variations in the angle of the screen will drastically change the image’s look.

    But today with the likes of Facebook being the way the majority of people share their photos, after enhancing them with their iPads or iPhones, and then pretty much letting them collect in a digital shoebox, using a laptop for whatever comes next in their workflow would be fine.

    For myself, I use both, but even at my level I do my final editing on my desktop.

    Of course, you can always use your laptop connected to an external monitor. I wonder how many laptop converters are doing that?

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