Official Unboxing Yongnuo YN 622N Flash Triggers

Well I ordered and received my new flash triggers. Anyone that have watched any of my You Tube videos already knows that I have had wireless triggers for sometime now. I just never could afford triggers such as these.

What makes these triggers different from the others it that they offer what is known as ITTL or Through The Lens Metering. The way this works is that the camera takes a millisecond burst to see how much light is needed. The camera then tell the flash how much output power to use for the shot. This saves time by not having to meter every shot when you move people or your speed lights.

These triggers also offer what is known as High Speed Sync. I have wanted this for years. Normal flash triggers only allow you to sync to your shutter at 1/200 sec shutter speed. If you go any higher you will see a black line on your pictures. This is the shutter closing and not having enough light to capture the picture. With High Speed Sync the flash will pulse light even at high shutter speeds.

And yes the triggers can be used as manual flash triggers as well as working with a sync cable for your studio strobes.

All of this for only $85.00 US plus shipping. Watch the video to see these in a short demo I did last night. If you order these triggers please use my Amazon link on this page before you place you order. Thanks and Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Official Unboxing Yongnuo YN 622N Flash Triggers

  1. Marc says:

    Jack, I love your you tubes and have been following you a long time. Why wouldn’t I just put my Nikon D600 in commander mode and use the IR to trigger the SB 700? Less expensive than buying the triggers. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Jack Okorn says:


    This is a great question. Really there are two main times when this will not work. The first is outside on a bright sunny day. This would be a time when the IR could not talk to each other. The second time would be if you put your flashes into a soft box. Again the IR could not see each other. I have used command mode and you have a great point. But if you want to get out and shoot, maybe a set of triggers in the bag could be a good idea? Thanks so much for commenting and reading each day.

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