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A lot of people don’t realize that when you use Photoshop Elements you also have a powerful organizer.

I have been using Elements since version 1. I have always been impressed about how easy it is to organize all of my photos. It is also really nice in that it allows you to build albums so you can keep your photos together. I also like that it imports based on events. A event is really the date that the pictures were taken.

Once you get all of your albums built and you have all of your photos imported; you can also builds tags. Tags allow you to really drill down to each person or even each place. They when you click on the tag no matter where the photo is it will be reviled.

I also like the faces feature. This allows the software to recognize faces if you marked them before as you are importing your pictures to the organizer. This is nice because if you are looking for all pictures of Aunt Sally you can click on her name and all of her pictures will be displayed.

How can you go wrong. If you do not have Photoshop Elements I would suggest to download the trail version and have a look. If you need more help after downloading it. Please pick up one of my DVD’s from:


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3 Responses to Photoshop Elements

  1. Don says:

    I agree, Jack. PSE has an excellent Organizer that for some reason is overlooked or is not favored by many users. It is far easier to use than Lightroom, and yet has many of the same features. And yet it is robust enough to handle very large Catalogs. Like Lightroom it is a database, not a simple file manager.

    I’ve used it for many years to manage my collection of images/videos, which exceed over 40K now.

  2. Brian Palmer says:

    I agree PSE is a great program and has a very good organizer. However, I have found that it is a little weak in RAW processing. I have since moved up to Lightroom which has an even more powerful organizer that I like even better and an excellent RAW processor. If you are willing to wait and shop around, you can get Lightroom for less than the retail cost of PSE.
    I still keep PSE for pixel editing an for editing involving layers. With the combination of Lightroom and PSE I can’t see the need for Photoshop in processing photographs.

  3. Don says:


    You are right, ACR as implemented in PSE is not as powerful as the one that is in Photoshop CC (all of the icons beneath the histogram, for example). I’m not as familiar with the RAW editor in Lr5, but I’ve read that it is the same as the ACR in Photoshop CC but labeled differently.

    Is that you have found?

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