Smart Phone Upgrade

I know the title to this post seems like it could be from long ago. But the truth of the matter is my wife is finally upgrading to a shinny new smart phone. She will be getting the iPhone 5C Green 32 GB model.

So why did she wait so long? Smart phones have been on the market for years. Well she is not a touch screen type of girl. She has have a small phone with a button keyboard that slides out. And she has had this phone for about six years.

Now that the battery only lasts about twenty minutes she is fat up with the old phone. Did you ever go to the local cell phone store and look for an old phone? They make about three of them and they all have bad, yes really bad reviews. So she played with my iPhone and said she will just have to get use to using one. I am already thinking of all the great way we can now communicate. We could face time and now use iMessaging.

I wonder why the smart phones need to cost $10.00 more a month? It is still the same service. I guess it has to do with paying for the phone? I will have to get a pic of her using the new phone and share with all of you.

Which phone do you have and tell me a little about your cell phones and how your carriers are holding up.

iPhone 5C

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One Response to Smart Phone Upgrade

  1. Brian says:

    The reason smart phones cost an extra $10/month is that smart phones cost a lot more, Too much more.
    The retail cost of a Samsung Galaxy 4 is over $500. unlocked. That is more than the cost of a decent computer! Why do the manufacturers charge so much for a phone? Its not the high cost of the OS! It is because they can. Consumers these days are willing to pay whatever it costs to get the toys they want. They never seem to question whether the cost is warranted.
    The service providers don’t absorb the high cost of a phone, They pass it on to the consumer. However, they aren’t above adding a little more profit for themselves in the process.

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