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I was working with a new sports shooter the other day who was getting discouraged. I explained that photography is tough because with every change we make to our setting we effect something else with the picture. As photographers we can not get discouraged. We need to learn from our mistakes. Use these simple steps each time you go to shoot and you should have a good starting point to get over your aggravations. 1. As soon as you take you camera out of the bag. Turn it on and check your settings. The ISO, good starting points for inside … Continue reading

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Shooting Sports

This is my time of the year to shine with my camera. As my daughter is in track I get to stand on the side lines with my trusty camera in hand and eyeing up my every shot. I wanted to give you some simple guide lines to help you shoot better outdoor sporting pictures of your kids. Let’s begin with my favorite setting. I like to shoot sports in Aperture priority mode. This allow me to worry about what I want to focus on either a full focus shot or a soft focus background. And I allow the camera … Continue reading

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Your Being Watched

Since I write about technology and a lot of times how it changes our lives I thought I would talk to you about what you most likely already knew. In this world and at this time we are always being watched. Do I mean big brother with a satellite beaming down and watching us in our homes? No, what we are talking about is everywhere you go and almost every store you walk into you are on cameras. People watching our every move. Sort of, I’ll get to that in a moment. Once my brother in-law was traveling on the … Continue reading

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It’s In The Glass!

I have been making this statement for years. And every time I am asked what camera to buy, I respond with, “It depends on what you want to take pictures of”? Then the most important question would be, “Do you want a camera that you can change lenses on”? The reason I ask this second question it will really answer the first one. And I always tell everyone that you want a camera that you can change lenses on. If not you are in a sense buying a point and shoot camera. Most photographers me included will tell you that … Continue reading

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When Computers Join Cameras

I really see this movement into the new area of mirror less cameras as the computer is now being shoved into the cameras. With all the talk about how the digital processing is happening in the camera. And now we are removing the mirror and allow the camera to handle even more of the workload for what we are trying to capture. We have seen for years the computer being placed into cameras. Almost any camera you pick up now has some kind of editing feature built into the camera. I can do a lot of edits even changing color … Continue reading

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Is Point and Shoot Dead?

I know we all have them; no not a point and shoot camera but a cell phone. Today’s cell phones have some great cameras built into them. It makes it hard to even find a reason as to why we would want to carry another camera with us when we already have one in our pocket or purse. So is the point and shoot dead? I do think they are on a decline in sales but I don’t think they are dead. I for one would rather shoot with a point and shoot then my cell phone. It is nice … Continue reading

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Truth About Nikon Pricing

I receive hundreds if not thousands of emails and phone calls from everyone in almost every walk of life. The question I keep getting over and over should I buy one of the cheaper Nikon cameras? This is the simple facts and I just talked about this yesterday. You get what you pay for and this holds true with camera gear. I have been shooting Nikons for well over a decade now and I understand how they make their cheaper cameras. If you buy one of the low cost models which would be like the D5200, D5300, D3000 or really … Continue reading

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New Canon Worlds Smallest DSLR

If I was in the market for a new camera and I was going to switch from my beloved Nikon D600 I would have to open my eyes and mind to this new small frame digital camera. The new Canon EOS Rebel SL1. The one thing I have noticed is that as we get better and better DSLR cameras we see them becoming smaller and smaller in their over all frame size. FROM CANON DIRECTLY: The EOS Rebel SL1 features an 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that performs exceptionally well in both bright and dimly lit shooting environments with an … Continue reading

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