DVD’s Are Dying

In this world we live in media is for ever changing. We talked once about how music has changed over the years and now we are seeing a shift in videos. From DVD to streaming content over the Internet.

I think just like the cassette tapes of year gone by we will also see the DVD slowly move into history. I know I used to sell a lot of training DVD’s and they have been on a decline over the past few years. I now offer my content as online streaming media.

Soon you will no long find a DVD player. Just try looking for a VHS player, they are becoming very hard to find. I know we had boxes of old tapes that we gave away because we no longer have a VHS player.

So what if tomorrow there were no more DVD players? How many movies do you have in boxes or under your TV that you still enjoy watching once in awhile? There is hope and it works really well.

Using your computer and it’s DVD drive you can use a process called ripping. This is where you take the DVD and turn it into a streaming file and then using your home network stream it to your TV set. It is also nice because you can build a library of videos to watch when you want.

First download a FREE program MKV MAKER. This program is easy to use. You put the DVD in your drive and with a few mouse clicks you will have your movie file. Make one folder on your computer called videos and store them all in one place.

Once you are done ripping download a program called PLEX SERVER. Another FREE program that you run on your computer that will host all of your titles.

Last buy either a ROKU box or a Google Chrome Cast and connect it to your TV. Open up the PLEX APP and it will find your PLEX server on your computer and you will see all of your titles and be able to watch them when you want to and time. You can also stream your videos to your tablets.


Today’s Movie Media

Do you remember not to long ago there was a war over either BETA MAX or VHS and we know how that played out. I can’t even remember when I had my first VCR? I do however remember renting movies. We rented movies all of the time. It was the greatest thing in the World to be able to have the big screen movie in your home. And with family’s being able to stay home and save money from the movies.

Then there was a huge shift in the media. VCR’s have been disappearing over the years and the surface of DVD players slowly grew. Now that changing to Blue Ray videos.

In today’s World we can now STREAM videos using the Internet. The main issue there is that if you do not have high speed Internet then you are out of luck.

I am wondering what will be the next media to how will our movies and content be delivered to us in the next few years? If you have the answer to that question you could be set to be a very rich person.