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Flash Triggers

Most people you will see with a speed light or off camera flash always seem to have their flash hanging off the camera. They connect the flash directly to the hot show of the camera. I also did this for years, I didn’t know of any better way. Now I know from years of studying flash and the way that light falls off of our subject we need to get the flash off the camera and place it on angles. This will allow us to create different lighting effects. There are a few ways we can get the flash off … Continue reading

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Photography Light Modifier

When you begin using flash to add to your photography knowledge or using it to increase your sells by allowing you to shoot anytime of the day or night. You will need to also look into light modifiers. There are many types of modifiers on the market. I should know I have many of them because I always feel you should have the correct tools to perform the job. There are soft boxes which are suppose to be the king of all modifiers. And then there are umbrellas which to me they are the best for wrapping your subject in … Continue reading

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