Flash Triggers

Most people you will see with a speed light or off camera flash always seem to have their flash hanging off the camera. They connect the flash directly to the hot show of the camera. I also did this for years, I didn’t know of any better way.

Now I know from years of studying flash and the way that light falls off of our subject we need to get the flash off the camera and place it on angles. This will allow us to create different lighting effects.

There are a few ways we can get the flash off the camera. We are going to only concentrate on one for this column.

We are talking about flash triggers. Flash triggers come in many shapes and sizes and yes prices. So where do you start in your quest to find the perfect trigger? I am glad you asked.

If you go the cheapest rate, which I did this once. You will find triggers that work, sometimes. This means I was experiencing a lot of misfires. If you ever want to make a client upset, get them in the perfect pose and have your flash not fire. Also makes you look really like an amateur. This is not to say you have to buy the most expensive, pocket wizards. You need to find the middle of the road.

My triggers I go to most of the time is Impact triggers I bought from BH Photo Video, they are the only company that carries them. I have also heard really good things about Yongnuo. My next set of triggers I am ordering soon is the new Yongnuo YN-622N. These triggers allow is to shoot off camera and high speed sync, more on that later.

If you are going to buy any new triggers please don’t forget to use my Amazon link before you order: My Amazon Link.


Photography Light Modifier

When you begin using flash to add to your photography knowledge or using it to increase your sells by allowing you to shoot anytime of the day or night. You will need to also look into light modifiers.

There are many types of modifiers on the market. I should know I have many of them because I always feel you should have the correct tools to perform the job. There are soft boxes which are suppose to be the king of all modifiers. And then there are umbrellas which to me they are the best for wrapping your subject in light. They are also nice to give you really two modifiers in one. You can shoot into or through it. This will give you a large light source or a softer little more direct source.

The main reason for this post is to save you money. BH Photo Video has a 7′ Westcott Umbrella on sale. It is normally $99.00 and now it is on sale for only $49.00. This is like they are giving them away. I normally do not advertise for anyone. But this will save you our reader some money then I say it is worth posting. Use this link and order yours today, I don’t think the sale will be around long. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/755552-REG/Westcott_4634_7_Parabolic_Umbrella_White_Black.html.

7' Westcott7' Westcott7' Westcott