Just Got A Apple Watch

Apple Watch

My wife just bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday. This is something I have been looking at ever since they were released. The only reason I never bought one is that I didn’t know how it would fit into my daily lifestyle?

My main issue with not getting an Apple Watch long before now was it is a device that attaches to my phone. Why would I want this when I already have an iPhone? I can pull out my phone and check my email, help tickets, messages and yes even the time. So why would I need a watch that just extends these features?

Well, step over to the Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch on I don’t have to dig into my pocket just to check my latest emails, they are now pushed right to my phone. When I get a text message I’m not digging in my pocket either I just look down at my watch and there is the message, I hit reply and speak into the watch and hit send to drop a quick message back. I often use my phone to check the weather or outside temp, now I just look down at my watch and it shows me the temp all day without having to open an app. When my phone rings it now vibrates my watch and I can answer the call from my arm again without having to take the phone out of my pocket.

So is the Apple Watch a killer gadget? NO! Can you run your day form your Smart Phone? YES! But overall does the Apple Watch make you more productive in and out of the work environment? YES! And I don’t worry about dropping my phone everytime I need to text or answer a call, I can do all of this from the device strapped to my wrist. Is the Apple Watch for everyone, it could be but not really.

Then you might be asking yourself why am I so impressed with the Apple Watch? Well for the reasons above and remember I am a gadget kind of guy. I just really wish there one day will be a KILLER APP for the Apple Watch that works better on the watch than the iPhone. But for now, there is not a KILLER APP. I will keep you informed if I find one sometime.

Please let me know if you have an Apple Watch and let me know what you think of using it and maybe if and how it changed your life?

Don’t Be Over Sold

Let’s face it, technology costs money and a lot of it! When you are shopping for a new computer, new tablet or maybe even a new cell phone, be aware. Let’s take a quick look at how this can happen. It is very settle but most times very direct. The main thing to remember is that you are there to buy only the item that you walked in the door for. Let’s dig a little.

You walk into a big box store and ask to buy a Kindle Paper White. The sales men turns to you and asks, “Would you like a screen protector or a case or maybe a power adapter?” They hit you with the referred items trying to catch you off guard. The normal response I see many times over is, “YES!” Refrain from this at all costs.

One more test. You walk into the big box store and want to buy a open box laptop. This is one that has been returned to the store for one reason or another. Clerk asks you, “Would you like to get the squad warranty, you know this is a returned unit and there could be a lot wrong with it?” Your response should be, “If I buy this unit do it not still have the factory warranty?” He or she will look at you at head to the check out counter.

So how do you get those add ons if you do not buy it when you get your unit? You go home and check EBay and Amazon for a after market item. My daughter just bought a Kindle Paper White and was asked if she wanted a case? She replied, “How much?” Clerk, “$50.00.” She said no of course. When we got home we check amazon and she bought one for $15.00. She was happy to pocket $35.00! I am just saying BUYER BEWARE!

Sales Man

Technology Changes Our Lives

In this world of ever changing technology sometimes we miss the little settle changes that might just pass you by. I know that just in our kitchen these days it seems we are always plugging something in to help us cook a meal. A lot of people even plug in the good old electric can opener to do what once was a very manual job.

You can even look around your gym the next time you go to work out. When in the showers at our local gym there is now a soap dispenser that I just wave my hand under and the soap runs right out.

The main reason for all of this chatter this morning is for you to be more aware of just how technology has changed us. I have began yo snap pictures with my cell phone when ever I run up on something that has changed the way of something we use to do with a manual tool or device. I hope you join me in my quest. Please snap your findings and upload them for FREE to our new Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/techgadgets/ .

This is a picture and really a idea to get you started on your quest. As I was washing my hands while leaving the rest room I looked down and thought of this column. I never thought they could improve on the faucet on the sink.