Google Glass

When I was recently away at the technology conference I attended I had a chance to try on a pair of Google Glass.

When you first pick up Glass you will notice that they are a little heavier then they look. I always noticed that they seemed to get a little warm over the right ear, this is due to the battery being located there. The person who was at the table showing them off said this is normal.

Once I had the Google Glass on and started to see the little screen over my right eye I found it to be really difficult to see the screen. You really can’t just look up and see it. You have to allow you eye to wonder up and then you will see what is on the screen. Another issue I have with glass is that it would be nice if you could oder it with the screen over your strong eye. I am left handed so my strong eye is my left eye.

Changing applications is weird. You have to slide your finger over the right steam. As you are sliding your finger you will see the list of applications sliding by on the screen. But you really have to try to keep you right eye looking up towards the top of your eye socket. Once you find the application you want you tap the steam and the app will load.

The one application that was demonstrated could be very useful. You can look at any road sign or maybe a menu written in any language and it will translate it so you can read it in your language.

Would I ever own the Google Glass? Right now I would have to say no. I really think it takes a lot to try to see what you want to look up and I really don’t need a camera taking pictures and movies as I am walking around. Maybe one day if they get better? For now I will stick with using my phone.


Wearable Computers

For years we have heard someone or even have seen in movies people wearing computers in one way or another. Do you think wearable computers are the thing of the future and do you think you would ever want to be wearing any form of a computer on your body?

Google has released or shall I say to a select few thousand or so people what they refer to as Google Glass. This is a pair of wearable glasses that contain a camera on the right side of your head over your right eye. You use a finger to activate the glass or you can simply say GLASS! Once you give the command you can ask glass to take a picture. Is this usable? Some people think that it is just because they want to be the cool kids on the block. I on the other hand find this to be useless to the point that I would never drop the asking price of this date of $1500.00.

Next we have Samsung who designed a wearable watch, what did I say? Yes I said a watch. What a really innovative idea right? Not really there have been watching out for years, even my grand dad wore a watch each day into the mines. Now I have to say my wife seen one of these at a local store and said this would be a really cool phone. I agree it could be a really cool phone if you didn’t did a phone to attach it to! She was blown away that a company would invent something that would require you to buy another product from them. It could even be better if this watch would connect via blue tooth to any phone not just the Note.

Now it has been rumored and I say rumored that Apple is also in the hunt for the red watch, remember hunt for red October? Okay any way they are said to be working on a watch also that you would be able to tweet from and maybe even catch the time?

My take on wearable computers is that it could be cool but on the other hand how many people do you know that say they try to get away from their computers. Is it not enough that most of Americans have a smart phone and now they are pulling them out of their pockets every time you turn around?

At the end of the day; I wish I knew what the next big thing will be but I don’t think it will be a wearable anything.

Google Glass