Microsoft Office 365


Many people that I talk to think that Office 365 is only the online component of the Microsoft Office package. The truth is Office 365 is really a label for the subscription model of Microsoft Office. Once you pay for a yearly subscription you will not only receive the benefits of using Office Online you will also be able to download the full package of Office to install onto your computer. We refer to the installed package as the FAT client. Also with the subscription model you are licensed to install Office on five machines. You can even mix and match Windows and Mac. You can also log into the Office apps on your tablets.

Everyone remembers when you were working on an important document or maybe a presentation at your office desk and saving it to a flash drive to do some touch up at home. Once you get home and plug in the flash drive into your home computer you find it didn’t copy? With Office 365 this becomes a thing of the past. When you are logged into either the online version or the desktop client all of your work is saved onto the Microsoft Cloud. With this, you will never forget your work at the office or at home. Whenever you want to work on your projects just log into Office Online and pick up right where you left off.

I also enjoy using the Outlook Online. Once I set it up the way I want it to look with folders and contacts I can be anywhere and check my email without missing a beat. My last thought is when you were almost completed with that large power point for that important meeting in the morning and your computer crashes or freezes? Well, there goes hours of your hard work! This will not happen with Office 365 as you are working it is doing an autosave in the background. Even if your computer dies all you need to do is log onto another computer with Internet access and pick up where you left off.

Married To Microsoft Office

I had a great conversation with a technology director Steve who I met after attending a session about Virtual Desktops. I think we were both attending to try to keep one leg up on what is out there to use in our schools.

Steve introduced himself after the session. I mentioned in the session that we are using Google Chrome Books and Steve has an interest in doing the same thing at his school, they want to be more aggressive then our school and go 1-to-1. This is where every student will receive his or her own new shinny Chrome Book. Great idea!

The concern with his teaching staff as it was with ours in the changing from one office package said “Microsoft”, and moving to Google Docs. Will it be bold enough to write our lesson plans? Will the kids be able to learn how to attach the docs and send them to the teachers? All very common concerns.

The simple truth of the matter is, we should have never been married to any one piece of brand of software! This is the true fact that confused these very teachers now teaching in our classrooms. MS was shoved down their throats since they were little. Let’s STOP THE MADNESS!

Since we moved into the Chrome Book world our teachers and students thank me everyday. Can you laptops do this? Instant on, Battery lasting up to 14 hours on a single charge, Automatic saving of the projects they are working on. And on and on and on. When I have a teacher or student tell me thanks I know we made a positive impact on education. CHROME BOOKS AND GOOGLE DOCS, GO FOR IT!