Windows 10 20H1 Preview

Windows 10 20H1 Preview

Today I have begun to test the newest Windows 10 20H1 Preview release of Windows 10.

The first error I found was when I was creating the bootable USB from the ISO I downloaded from Microsoft. I used the recommended settings on Rufus and created a Partition scheme as GPT and a Target system UEFI. When I tried to boot onto my 8-year-old test laptop is would not boot legacy I had to make some changes. I had to recreate my bootable USB to Partition scheme (MBR) and the Target system (BIOS). Once these changes were made the OS installed fine on my test system.

SettingsI installed Windows 10 Pro and was impressed that the Start Menu was not cluttered with all of the junk any longer. In business, it takes us hours cleaning up all of the un-needed icons on the start menu. This will be a big-time saver.

New Start Cleaner

I did join the new release to the Domain and found it connected as normal and I had no issues pushing Group Policies to the new test machine. I will make notes as I continue to test the new Windows Release and see what new features I can find for you. I would suggest that you sign up for the FREE preview and begin testing the new releases also.

Online Office Applications

365 and Google Apps

If there is one thing that I have found out over my years of computers is that the file you want never seems to be reachable. While that is all changing with the help of a little catch phase “The Cloud”.

Many schools are turning to either Google Apps or Office 365. These online services allow you to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations where ever and from what ever computer or device you might be working on.

Look back to not that long ago we all carried flash drive or thumb drives. Did you ever get the sick feeling when you are suppose to present and your trusty flash drive is laying at home on your end table? Well no more. Now that we can log onto a site and have access to our working documents from where ever you have an Internet connection. Life just got a little easier and have 24/7 access to your work.

Deciding which one to use is really a personal choice. If you have been using Microsoft Office for years you might want to choose Office 365. If you are someone like me that can adapt and learn new things then choose Google Apps. Or some people might choose to use both.

And remember both of these work on IOS and Android devices. This means when you are in a taxi or on a bus you can make those last minute touches on your work before getting to work.

The bottom line is for you to cut your ties with your computer and move over to the world of “THE CLOUD!”


Windows XP is Dying Off

Are you still using Windows XP on your home computer or your office computers? If so it is time to upgrade. Windows XP will find it’s end of life on April 15, 2014.

What does this mean for you? Microsoft will no longer write or create updates for XP. This means that you will be opening up your home or office computers to hackers and all the bad in the world.

The question will be for you is should you buy a new computer or should you buy a copy of Windows 7 and just upgrade you current PC? If you computer is older then 5 years, then it is time to but a new one. Your computer may not keep up with the demand of Windows 7. If you buy a new computer, you will be sure that it is ready for Windows 7 and will last you for another 5 years.

One word of advice, do not buy your copy of Windows 7 from EBay. I tried this once and will never do it again. Most of the copies on EBay have already been registered. This means that you will be stuck with a coaster for your coffee cup.



Windows 8 Classic Shell

You have that shinny new computer and you just hate the new Windows 8 interface. As I wrote a before you could get use to the new Windows 8 interface. I know I had to give my brain a little time to adapt to the new system.

If you feel that you would rather have it the old way. In other words have your desktop look more like Windows XP and Windows 7. There are two way that you can do this.

The first and the one I recommend is to use Classic Shell. It is a FREE add on that you can download and install onto your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 machine. It gives you that normal start menu that you are already use to using. Download Classic Shell here:

Next is from a company with the name of Star Dock. They have been making add ons for Windows for as long as I can remember. Let’s say that they make Windows more user friendly. They have a program called Start8. It is not free but works very well. You can check them out at their web site:

Which ever one you use, you will once again be one with your computer. Long live Windows 8? Please comment and let me know if these programs helped you.

Classic Start

Windows 8 As A Gift

As I was sitting here thinking of something to write it hit me all at once. There had to be a lot of new computers given out as gifts yesterday or maybe even through this week. I know my own mother got a computer with Windows 8 installed and can not get off the MSN screen. She says she can not find the address bar; which in the Metro app it is not located at the bottom of the browser and it hidden by default.

So did you get a new computer as a gift? If so do you love it or hate it? I for one can work and use just about any version of any operating system that comes along. But let me tell you that this one even stumps me at times. I was working with a student last week on a Windows 8.1 computer we sat up to allows the kids to adjust to it. We work for almost twenty minutes trying to figure out how to print a web page! Frustrated I took him to the desktop and we used Chrome and printed the pages he needed.

He is the best advice I can give you for Windows 8.1. Download a program called Classic Shell it is FREE and will then make you computer boot to the desktop and it will have a normal Windows 7 start button. There is talk in the wind that say’s Windows 8.2 is coming soon and will have all of the normal functions once again that this version has lost. Could this blunder be why they let Steve Ballmer go as CEO?

Windows 8