Technology Changes Our Lives

In this world of ever changing technology sometimes we miss the little settle changes that might just pass you by. I know that just in our kitchen these days it seems we are always plugging something in to help us cook a meal. A lot of people even plug in the good old electric can opener to do what once was a very manual job.

You can even look around your gym the next time you go to work out. When in the showers at our local gym there is now a soap dispenser that I just wave my hand under and the soap runs right out.

The main reason for all of this chatter this morning is for you to be more aware of just how technology has changed us. I have began yo snap pictures with my cell phone when ever I run up on something that has changed the way of something we use to do with a manual tool or device. I hope you join me in my quest. Please snap your findings and upload them for FREE to our new Flickr group: .

This is a picture and really a idea to get you started on your quest. As I was washing my hands while leaving the rest room I looked down and thought of this column. I never thought they could improve on the faucet on the sink.


Light Scribe Pen

If you are looking for something to help your student at home from Elementary to College then this pen is just what you are looking for. Shop around for the best price here is a link for the pen on Amazon just a little over $100.00.

This pen allows you to take notes on a special paper table and then it will convert it to typed text. It also allows yo record audio. This is great when the teacher or professor is giving a lecture, you can record every word.

It also allows you to create drawings on the paper pad and it gets transferred wirelessly to your computer, smart phone or digital tablet.

This is just one of those great little devices that allow your student or you to capture voice and recorded thoughts and store it in digital format. Anything we can buy to help with our daily thoughts and store those is worth looking at.

Light Scribe Pen