In todays world with all of the technology that we have in our pockets it makes me think about one thing that is really outdated.

I wonder why retailers have never moved to paperless receipts or are they leaning that way? I know this comment will not make me the most popular in the world. Most people today have an email address. If the retailers have our email address which most of them do, why can’t they just send our receipts via email after we check out?

Now let me tell you about one that does. We have a home improvement store in the USA called Home Depot. I recently shopped there and at the end of the check out I was asked, Paper or Paperless Receipt or Both? I choose, of course paperless receipt and before I could bag my goods I received an email with me receipt.

Another way to manage all of your receipts is to use an app on your smart phone. I really like using CamScanner. You can download this app for the IPhone and Android phones. It allows you to use your phones camera to capture a picture of the receipt. The software then cleans up the image and crops it. You can then save it into a free DropBox account.

At the end of the day all I am trying to do is get my analog life in order by embracing my digital life. Next time you are at your favorite retailer ask them, “When will you be emailing receipts?”

Paper ReceiptsPaper



New Facebook IOS App

I normally don’t talk much about applications. I think I need to move a little that way and give you my views on the apps that keep us up to date and up to the times.

Facebook has long been a battery drainer on your IPhones or IPod touches. But they rolled up their sleeves and got their programmers working overtime. What did the come up with?

A beautiful clean and easy to use new IOS app called “PAPER”. I will be the first to tell you I am not a Facebook fan boy. I use it mostly because everyone I know is there and I can locate and chat to my friends. But with this new “PAPER” I am finding myself opening it more and more.

It is also easy to create great looking posts and makes it easier to find news and what you are looking for. There is however a little fight going on between Facebook and another company FiftyThree who has had this name for years “PAPER”. Their app is really like folded paper on your IOS device.

Question of the day: Should larger companies be allowed to take the name of someone else’s applications? You know if this was reversed Facebook would be suing the crap out of this little guy. Check out my new web site: What would happen?

Download the new app to your IOS device. It also looks great on the IPad.


Is Paper Print Dying Off?

This is a question we get everyday on the job. With all of the digital content floating around and with all of the access to cloud based storage drives, there is a decrease in paper being used. If you want to lower the paper use in your business you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Provide all of your office workers with a sharing solution. This will allow them to share, read and edit documents without printing them.
  2. Remove any desktop printers that you have. If you ask your office workers to walk to the printer, you will see a drop in the printing.
  3. Create a central monitored printing area. This could be one office worker that see all of the print jobs.

I really didn’t want this to turn into a lesson on creating a printing plan. I wanted to point out that print on paper is dying off. I have noticed over the years in education there is a lot less printing happening.

The last thought is that we consume the written word in a different way. I know I read my Kindle and IPad more then I ever have a paper, book or even magazines. It is sad I have been reading book for the better part of 47 years, I enjoy them but I don’t get hung up on the smell or the feel of the book. If we hold back we should go back? Remember the wringer washing machine, no one said a word when those went away?