Photoshop Elements

A lot of people don’t realize that when you use Photoshop Elements you also have a powerful organizer.

I have been using Elements since version 1. I have always been impressed about how easy it is to organize all of my photos. It is also really nice in that it allows you to build albums so you can keep your photos together. I also like that it imports based on events. A event is really the date that the pictures were taken.

Once you get all of your albums built and you have all of your photos imported; you can also builds tags. Tags allow you to really drill down to each person or even each place. They when you click on the tag no matter where the photo is it will be reviled.

I also like the faces feature. This allows the software to recognize faces if you marked them before as you are importing your pictures to the organizer. This is nice because if you are looking for all pictures of Aunt Sally you can click on her name and all of her pictures will be displayed.

How can you go wrong. If you do not have Photoshop Elements I would suggest to download the trail version and have a look. If you need more help after downloading it. Please pick up one of my DVD’s from:


Panoramic Pictures

These day’s seeing more is always seeing the best possible image that a landscape can provide. I have enjoyed panoramic photography ever since it has been made easy to stitch the shots together. Years ago in the dark room we had a lot more work then we do today in getting the perfect wide, wide and yes wide panoramic shot.

What is a panoramic pictures? It is a picture of very wide angles. It is normally created using three or more shots then stitched together laying them side by side.

How do you shoot a panoramic? I always use a tripod and making sure my camera is level. I shoot the first picture to the LEFT, then center my camera and take another shot, make sure you over lap your pictures. Then I move the camera to the RIGHT and grab your last shot.

Pull all of you pictures into you favorite editing software and have it stitch them together.

It is also getting easier to shoot a panoramic using your smart phone. There are many apps that will shoot the panoramic just buy you moving slowly from left to right. The picture blow was shot using my IPhone 5.

Kitchen Panoramic

Editing Photos

I once met a man who said that a really great picture is one that is captured right out of the camera. I also met a man once that told me, don’t worry how you capture it you can fix it up in the editor. If I had to pick one of these two statements I would tend to choose the first one. This is my statement. If you capture really great shots in camera then you can make them really fantastic works or art by running them through an editor.

You can and I guess there are some people in the World who shot and then burn the pictures to a CD and hand them to a client. This is bad news. Why you ask? Because this client is going to take your pictures and maybe print them off at a local store somewhere and not even worry about something as little as cropping or adjusting exposure. When you take pictures either for yourself or for a paying client; it is your duty to put them onto the computer and have a look at them. You need to ditch the bad ones, you will have a few and save the good ones.

There are about as many photo editing software packages out there as there are brands of cameras. My choice is Photoshop Elements which I have been teaching for years. It is simple and I can do just about every edit that can be done using the full photoshop CS suite. It also has a really nice organizer that allows you to get a grip on those thousands of pictures that you will be sure to have one day. This post is not telling you what to buy or even what to use. I simply wanted you to be aware of and tell you that you need to always have a look at your pictures before then leave you and go on to where ever they may be going. Even before digital; photographers had a dark room and they all worked their photos, shouldn’t you?

Elements Editor