I was working with a new sports shooter the other day who was getting discouraged. I explained that photography is tough because with every change we make to our setting we effect something else with the picture.

As photographers we can not get discouraged. We need to learn from our mistakes. Use these simple steps each time you go to shoot and you should have a good starting point to get over your aggravations.

1. As soon as you take you camera out of the bag. Turn it on and check your settings. The ISO, good starting points for inside is 800, if you are shooting outside start with 100.

2. This is when you select what setting to use. Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority or Manual? Once you choose one stick with it throughout your shoot. Just don’t put the camera on automatic!

3. Try not to chimp! To CHIMP is to look at the display after each shot. When I shoot I concentrate on the subjects I am shooting. When I get into post I can edit out any issues. ¬†They only thing we can’t correct is blown out shots. There is no detail to correct.

4. After the shoot. Whip your camera down before placing it back into your bag. I also reset all of of my setting back to ISO 100 and Shutter Priority.

Picture Taking

Technology Changes Our Lives

In this world of ever changing technology sometimes we miss the little settle changes that might just pass you by. I know that just in our kitchen these days it seems we are always plugging something in to help us cook a meal. A lot of people even plug in the good old electric can opener to do what once was a very manual job.

You can even look around your gym the next time you go to work out. When in the showers at our local gym there is now a soap dispenser that I just wave my hand under and the soap runs right out.

The main reason for all of this chatter this morning is for you to be more aware of just how technology has changed us. I have began yo snap pictures with my cell phone when ever I run up on something that has changed the way of something we use to do with a manual tool or device. I hope you join me in my quest. Please snap your findings and upload them for FREE to our new Flickr group: .

This is a picture and really a idea to get you started on your quest. As I was washing my hands while leaving the rest room I looked down and thought of this column. I never thought they could improve on the faucet on the sink.


Editing Photos

I once met a man who said that a really great picture is one that is captured right out of the camera. I also met a man once that told me, don’t worry how you capture it you can fix it up in the editor. If I had to pick one of these two statements I would tend to choose the first one. This is my statement. If you capture really great shots in camera then you can make them really fantastic works or art by running them through an editor.

You can and I guess there are some people in the World who shot and then burn the pictures to a CD and hand them to a client. This is bad news. Why you ask? Because this client is going to take your pictures and maybe print them off at a local store somewhere and not even worry about something as little as cropping or adjusting exposure. When you take pictures either for yourself or for a paying client; it is your duty to put them onto the computer and have a look at them. You need to ditch the bad ones, you will have a few and save the good ones.

There are about as many photo editing software packages out there as there are brands of cameras. My choice is Photoshop Elements which I have been teaching for years. It is simple and I can do just about every edit that can be done using the full photoshop CS suite. It also has a really nice organizer that allows you to get a grip on those thousands of pictures that you will be sure to have one day. This post is not telling you what to buy or even what to use. I simply wanted you to be aware of and tell you that you need to always have a look at your pictures before then leave you and go on to where ever they may be going. Even before digital; photographers had a dark room and they all worked their photos, shouldn’t you?

Elements Editor