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Backup Power

In today’s world with all of the power we have being used for so many reasons and the draw that we are always putting on the main power grids could lead us to outages. Even with the storms of today and high winds having our power lines hanging on poles could lead to darkness in our homes. Even if we don’t have a full power outage, we could and many times a day do experience what is known as power spikes. This is when the voltage in our house my go from a steady 110 volts and leap to 110.5 … Continue reading

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Power Strips Oh My

We all use them, we need them to be able to operate just about everything we own any more. I am talking about power strips. We have a need to charge our cell phones, music players, even our digital e-readers that we talked a few weeks ago. The one thing I do not like about power strips is that the plugs all run back to back to each others. You may still have speakers on your desk and if you look at the plug it is normally one of the wide plugs. It always seems these plug fit no where. … Continue reading

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