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Will Robots Replace Humans

I have been watching some of the new releases from CES. I have been amazed by how many robots are being displayed this year. It reminds me of when computers or TV’s were the hot topics. I am not talking about a robot the sweeps your carpets or even ones that mow your lawn. I am talking about full-fledged service robots. These are robots that interact with people as well as provides a service to the food and hotel industries. There is a hotel in Japan that is entirely run by robots. As soon as you check into the lobby … Continue reading

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Technology In Medicine

Over ten years ago I was in the medical field and we were already using some forms of technology. There has been forms of tech showing up even earlier then that in the hospitals. The first form of technology I was using was the defibrillator which allowed us to get a heart that is beating in a bad rhythm back into a smooth running machine. In the hospitals we were seeing IV pumps. These pumps allow a drip medication to be delivered at the correct drip rate over an allotted time span. Now there is robots working in the hospitals. … Continue reading

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