High Cost Of Software

There is what we refer to in any business. It is “The Cost Of Doing Business.” When we talk about software most of it anyway we talk money. I know being a photographer I have to have software tools just as much as I need to have camera gear. Just think years ago when we were still using film cameras. I had to have a darkroom in our house or I could not develop my prints.

Even if you are a writer you will be using so kind of software. I have been using a program call Scrivener to work on my novels. Of course you could use free tools such as Libre Office, which I have used for years writing my books.

If you own a business, which I work for a number of clients that use Quick Books for their finance book keeping. This software if not cheap but it is much needed to manage all areas of business including billing. For my consultant work I like to use ZOHO to manage and create invoices. I use the FREE version because I only have a few clients.

Normally for any paid software product I can introduce you to a FREE open source software package. But if you are working in business you might want to have a software you pay for because there will be support for the product. Either way when you are considering a new software package, do a Google search for something FREE like what you are looking for. You might be surprised in what you find.


Organize Your Photos

If you are like me and I know a lot of you who read this blog are. We love taking pictures and after a very short time you will have millions and millions of pictures. At one time I had them on three different computers.

One day I thought I need to get my digital pictures more organized and I wanted to move them all to one computer. I know you are thinking only one point of failure?

I first copied all of my images off the two computers I didn’t want to use to store them on. I moved all of the pictures to an external drive. NExt I had to find one program that I wanted to use to create all my albums and collections.

My choice is Lightroom. I started with version 3 and now using version 5. This is a great program and I would recommend it for everyone. It also allows you to correct a lot of mistakes that we make while taking pictures. I have enjoyed this program so much I even teach many new users how to use Lightroom.

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