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Twitter has been around for years. Have you tweeted today? Twitter allows you to create a global or direct message using only 140 characters at a time. Twitter was created at a time in technology when we were not even yet using text messages. This was perfect timing because it allowed people to communicate with each other in a direct and simple way. What is Twitter good for? I use it to follow news such as my local news, CNN and ESPN. You can also follow your favorite movie theater when a movie is released you could get a tweet. … Continue reading

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TWITTER 140 Characters At A Time

I can’t begin to talk about Twitter without talking about their stock offering. Did you BUY? Let me say I tried to buy all morning on the day the IPO first opened. I watched the clock and right at 9:00 AM EST I began to click buy and I was not allowed. I really wish I understood more about the stock market. This stock was set to open at $26.00 per share. By the time I looked at it I understand it started selling at $41.00? I really don’t understand how it can be set at one price and then … Continue reading

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