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Windows 8 Classic Shell

You have that shinny new computer and you just hate the new Windows 8 interface. As I wrote a before you could get use to the new Windows 8 interface. I know I had to give my brain a little time to adapt to the new system. If you feel that you would rather have it the old way. In other words have your desktop look more like Windows XP and Windows 7. There are two way that you can do this. The first and the one I recommend is to use Classic Shell. It is a FREE add on … Continue reading

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Windows 8 As A Gift

As I was sitting here thinking of something to write it hit me all at once. There had to be a lot of new computers given out as gifts yesterday or maybe even through this week. I know my own mother got a computer with Windows 8 installed and can not get off the MSN screen. She says she can not find the address bar; which in the Metro app it is not located at the bottom of the browser and it hidden by default. So did you get a new computer as a gift? If so do you love … Continue reading

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