Windows 8 Classic Shell

You have that shinny new computer and you just hate the new Windows 8 interface. As I wrote a before you could get use to the new Windows 8 interface. I know I had to give my brain a little time to adapt to the new system.

If you feel that you would rather have it the old way. In other words have your desktop look more like Windows XP and Windows 7. There are two way that you can do this.

The first and the one I recommend is to use Classic Shell. It is a FREE add on that you can download and install onto your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 machine. It gives you that normal start menu that you are already use to using. Download Classic Shell here:

Next is from a company with the name of Star Dock. They have been making add ons for Windows for as long as I can remember. Let’s say that they make Windows more user friendly. They have a program called Start8. It is not free but works very well. You can check them out at their web site:

Which ever one you use, you will once again be one with your computer. Long live Windows 8? Please comment and let me know if these programs helped you.

Classic Start

Windows 8 As A Gift

As I was sitting here thinking of something to write it hit me all at once. There had to be a lot of new computers given out as gifts yesterday or maybe even through this week. I know my own mother got a computer with Windows 8 installed and can not get off the MSN screen. She says she can not find the address bar; which in the Metro app it is not located at the bottom of the browser and it hidden by default.

So did you get a new computer as a gift? If so do you love it or hate it? I for one can work and use just about any version of any operating system that comes along. But let me tell you that this one even stumps me at times. I was working with a student last week on a Windows 8.1 computer we sat up to allows the kids to adjust to it. We work for almost twenty minutes trying to figure out how to print a web page! Frustrated I took him to the desktop and we used Chrome and printed the pages he needed.

He is the best advice I can give you for Windows 8.1. Download a program called Classic Shell it is FREE and will then make you computer boot to the desktop and it will have a normal Windows 7 start button. There is talk in the wind that say’s Windows 8.2 is coming soon and will have all of the normal functions once again that this version has lost. Could this blunder be why they let Steve Ballmer go as CEO?

Windows 8