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Should Cursive Writing Die

As everyone who reads this blog and knows of my background should know that I am a techie. I love technology and use it everyday. I teach technology and help teachers use tech in their classrooms. Now for the, “BUT”. I have asked many educators and I have tried to determine the reason concerning the removal of CURSIVE writing in the classroom. I am not talking about the high school level I am referring to elementary school. I was told that in this day and age kids won’t have to do any hand writing. I realize that the check book … Continue reading

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Shall We Continue?

I watched this weekend as we had a few more people unsubscribed to this blog and my daily posts. When you begin to see a decline you have to ask yourself, “Shall We Continue?” I do have to take my hat off to a few of you who added comments to my posts. I always feel that this adds a dimension for readers to have a few of someone else by you adding your input. I enjoy writing about tech, photography and tech education but I don’t want to do this morning work just for me. So today will be … Continue reading

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